Noodle #21

So I’ve noticed that the Noodle posts are much more popular days with my blog stats than the filler posts. I even posted this question on the Facebook page (follow me on FB to make sure you get all the updates @ivebeendatingforyou or sign up via email on wordpress for immediate notifications of posts) & was surprised that the answer was yes, Noodle is popular – even a hash tag was made #MakingTimeForNoodle hahaha.

However, the filler posts are very important to the Noodle story! How, I hear you ask? Well, I know some of you aren’t happy about the fact that Noodle has a partner, believe me, I know how stupid this is, I don’t even understand why I am in this position to be honest… I’m a smart woman. But if you read any of the filler posts over the years – the mixed bag series is a good one to see what I’m talking about, then you may have an inkling of how Noodle & I got so involved with each other.

Noodle is consistent! He replies to all my messages – all day, everyday for months, he initiates chats with me, he wants to chat to me – even when it’s not sexy talk – we talk about everything, he doesn’t bullshit me – spinning me bullshit lines like other guys do, he fucks me regularly, he makes time for me whenever he can & the sexual tension build up is so intense that we explode when we’re together.

So while you may prefer the Noodle stories, just remember the reason why I am even making such an effort with Noodle, is because the filler stories are all the other fuckwits I’ve had to date & how I ended up here! If it wasn’t for those douches, I perhaps wouldn’t have gotten so involved with Noodle. So they are important to my story, make sure you read them too, sometimes they are in order, sometimes they are a trip down memory lane! However, having said that, like I’ve said before, I do think the universe has been pulling Noodle & I together online & in real life. Concerts, the anonymous app & him dating my staff member. With the sexual chemistry we have, it’s no wonder the universe wanted us to meet!!

But moving forward, I will make the Noodle posts a little bit longer, so I can start to catch up a bit since I’m currently still about 18 months behind (I don’t ever want to be in real time, but I don’t want to be this far behind!) & perhaps I will maybe post less filler posts! Perhaps on non blog days, I may post a bonus Noodle post too… Make sure you like & follow me everywhere… You may all get your wish on Noodle!

So after my jaw locked for what seemed like forever, I make an appointment with the dentist who refers me to a specialist – it’s been hurting a lot since then. I never want that to happen again. It gets sore sometimes when I suck Noodle’s cock so I don’t want to have to stop doing that… I love doing that! I need to get it looked at. One of my sisters friends even had to have surgery on her jaw, so I’m freaking out that I might have to do that too!

When I drive past his old store, the one in which we fucked in, I am reminded of the sexy times we had in there… That I message him to tell him where I have just been past & we talk about how fucking hot it was when we fucked in his office. It’s so sexy when we talk about all the amazing times we’ve fucked, it turns us both on to talk about it. Usually it makes him want me more.

It’s almost a week before Noodle fucks me again, I know it freaked him out with my jaw locking, I remember it freaking out Milky, but with him not able to fake his location, it also makes it harder for us to see each other. He comes over Monday morning before work to fuck me in bed. I seriously wish that he could spend the night one time, I would love that. FUCK! Closed heart…. Yes very closed.

The next night, on Tuesday, I have come home from the gym, I have told Noodle that I want him to meet me in the shower. He says he’s just finishing up work & will be over soon, so I get in the shower & start washing my hair, so that I’m basically done when he gets there & we can just have shower sex. I’m excited for this to be honest, I have left the front door open & I am waiting for him to come over, showering leisurely, I have picked a good play list ready for us to fuck too, it’s going to be a fun evening. But I get a message saying he can’t come over – no real explanation, just that he can’t come over. I have a waterproof phone, so I’m thankfully I am able to read the message while in the shower – rather than just waiting around like a complete loser for ages. What the fuck Noodle! I try to start crying, but fuck I can’t even cry, tears never flow from me, but that’s how I feel right now. He doesn’t even apologise or anything, but he just says his partner is tracking him & he has to go home. I don’t even understand what is going on that I just read his messages but don’t reply. He doesn’t even message me much on his way home either. I am fuming, not that he has to bail because honestly, I’m surprised this is the first time that he’s really had to bail at the last minute, but the fact that he doesn’t even seem to care nor has he even said the word ‘sorry’ is what I’m angry about. If I had to bail, I do the apology vomit & am genuinely feeling shit about bailing… He hasn’t said sorry or given me any reason as to why he can’t come over besides he’s being tracked… He’s always tracked so what does that even mean?

He later sends me a screenshot of a text message with his partner – I’m assuming she’s now in bed, like me unsatisfied. It has her name at the top of the screenshot, so now I know her name… In a way it’s similar to mine, starts with the same letter… Then it hits me… FUCK. I used to shop at her store before I knew that’s where she worked, I have been face to face with this women… I remember seeing her name tag & thinking about the way her name was spelt. I remember her following me through the store, not knowing who she was & clearly she didn’t know who I was, probably having fucked her partner hours before being at the shops! FUCK… Second why would he send me a screenshot? I guess to prove to me that she was tracking his phone? I guess I’ve always believed everything he’s told me, I mean I know he’s a liar & he gets away with it so easily, but he has no reason to lie to me, I mean he’s been so brutally honest with me about so many things, I guess I should expect that he would send me screenshots. However it makes it hard to pretend she doesn’t exist. I never tell Noodle that I know what is partner looks like, but we’re pretty much exact opposites… I can definitely see the appeal with me.

The top message from her is a picture of something in a catalogue saying “We need to get a fucking decking. That is fucking amazing” It honestly surprises me a lot that she swears so much, I don’t know why, is it because she’s a mum or because he makes her sound really boring & straight laced – I don’t know this woman, but you know when you have a picture in your head of someone & it’s different to what you thought. Now I try to recall what she looks like when I saw her… Then she sends him “Y r u at big w.” Then immediately after “???.” Also it surprises me that she uses text speak, I didn’t think any person, who is close to 30 uses text speak anymore? Maybe because Noodle doesn’t use text speak, I just assumed that she wouldn’t – again just an assumption that I made, I have no basis for this assumption… I mean I guess this is a chick who used to get in fights at a nightclub, back in the day…

He replies to her that he’s at his work but he’s heading home now. I’m not sure why he sent me a screenshot of their conversation but also I don’t think he needed to bail on me. Maybe that’s just me being jealous, perhaps he should go home…

We chat but I’m in a bitchy mood, I guess this has gone on long enough. Noodle & I have been drama free for pretty much the entire time, it’s been 6 months since we started chatting daily & 4 months since we started fucking weekly, we’ve had a little hiccup before we even met when he tried to friendzone me, but basically we’ve not had any issues. We’ve both gotten a little jealous from time to time when the other is flirting with someone in the group but it’s not been a massive problem.

He hasn’t fucked me since Monday morning, because he had to bail on Tuesday night when he realised she was tracking him, so I’m snippy again from lack of sex, I can’t help it. I fucking miss him! We’re having a snippy discussion & tell him to go sow his wild oats then, when he says “Don’t put this back on me, I don’t want to fuck anyone else. Wild oats tho? Plus you’ve fucked your fair share of people since fucking me, so you make no sense” Fucking hell, maybe I don’t make sense. But fuck, I’m angry. I calm down & say sorry that I’m in a weird mood & clearly just need to be fucked. He agrees. I hate that I get like this, I mean I cannot blame him I am the stupid one in this situation, so I have to just accept it as “part of the deal” as Noodle constantly says to me. (Just FYI, it makes me so fucking angry when he says its all part of the deal, he uses it whenever he is jealous & also when he is feeling guilty – but it makes me furious)

So Saturday afternoon straight after his work, his partner is also working but she has to go pick up their son, so he comes over to my house for an hour. Again, I wish I could say no, but fuck it sucks that I want him so badly. We talk every day & things are normal but I miss him touching me, I get a lot of Noodle, virtually, I just don’t get a lot physically & I miss it… We play virtually almost every night but it’s not the same… I want him touching me, kissing me, lying in bed together… AH Shit!

Noodle Smile naked.png

The next day during his lunch break, because this is the last day at this store, he’s moving stores for a few weeks which is so far away from my house, even further from his house, that there will be no lunch breaks – I don’t know when we are going to see each other while he’s at this new store, the drive for him will be over an hour… When he gets to my house on Sunday, as usual I am doing some washing, I am in the laundry when he walks in, he scares me, I jump like a lunatic. He chuckles, loving the fact that he scared me. We kiss, getting naked in the dining room, fucking on the dining room table before he stands me up, smirking – I can’t help but smile with him, I love when he smiles at me. I have no idea what he is planning, this guy always catches me by surprise. He thinks he doesn’t but he does, I think he’s going to lead me into the bedroom, but he pushes me backwards into the laundry, (I’ve told him about a washing machine fantasy!) so he helps me up on the washing machine that’s in the spin cycle! Well, hello there! For anyone who hasn’t fucked on a washing machine, I suggest you put on a load & get in there!! Hehehe… It was fucking amazing!!


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