50 Reasons Why We Love Guys…

So I had this for ages… I just found it recently & thought how relevant it is. Plus I think we all need a break from Noodle! -It’s fucking intense right now, we all need a breather! Hahaha…

I admit that I didn’t write this, it’s been around for years, you probably read it when we used to send a million bullshit email jokes to everyone in our contacts but I also don’t know where it came from, so I can’t refer you to the site… However, it’s worth a read, because OMG it’s so true!

50 reasons why we love guys…

(Kinda depressing for single girls!)50 reasons why we love guys.png

  1. The way they look when they step out of the shower dripping wet, with a towel wrapped low on their hips!
  2. How they proudly make you spaghetti for dinner and act as if it’s a gourmet meal!
  3. Their deep, husky voices in the morning!
  4. Uncensored talk about how great you are in bed – during movies, sporting events, funerals… in fact anywhere!
  5. Shower Mohawks!
  6. Little boy bed-hair!
  7. The moment when you stroke them under the table at a restaurant and they instantly lose 75 per cent of their basic brain-functioning ability!
  8. How they lick their fingers with abandon (just like you want to) while eating spare ribs, cake and all things sticky!
  9. How they lick you with abandon too!
  10. That rush you get when you open your eyes and share one of those in-love gazes while the two of you are kissing!
  11. Their knack for being harsh, loud-mouthed jock-heads with the boy’s one minute, then turning into shy, sweet ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ S-N-A-G’s when they come over to ask you out on a date!
  12. The way they look like a frog in a blender while they dance!
  13. The sloppy cursive chicken scratch or super-neat handwriting that somehow always looks like a guy’s!
  14. Even better when it’s passionately scrawled throughout a three-paged love letter!
  15. Boxer briefs!
  16. That rush when they sneak up behind you and throw their arms around you in a ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane’ clutch!
  17. Brad Pitt, Heath Ledger, Jude Law!
  18. Their endless fascination with your breasts!
  19. How they offer you their coat when it’s freezing – even though they’re in a tee shirt and you’re wearing a jumper!
  20. How they help solve your petty fights with girlfriends and rarely over analyze!
  21. How they can’t believe how soft your hair is when they play with it!
  22. When they ‘accidentally’ leave the button of their Levi’s open!
  23. Even better if they are button fly!
  24. How before sex, they take their watch off and put it on the bedside table so it doesn’t scratch you!
  25. That dent they get in their forehead when they’re thinking really hard!
  26. Six-packs!
  27. How they swap plates with you at a restaurant if you don’t like your meal!
  28. The incredible feeling of being kissed on the back of your neck!
  29. The way they turn into boy scouts if your mother calls… even if the two of you have just been up to no good!
  30. That cute yet frustrated look they get when they’re trying to work out how to undo your bra!
  31. The way they willingly (but not always so ably) step up to the challenge of fixing your hairdryer, bookshelf, stereo, kitchen sink…
  32. The simple way they try to cheer you up by looking into your eyes and pulling a stupid face until you start laughing!
  33. The times they spontaneously go out and buy you something when you know they detest shopping!
  34. The way they take their tee shirts off differently to us – by pulling them by the back of the neck over their heads – without even trying to be sexy… But it is!
  35. How they can crash and burn on their motorbikes but completely freak over a simple blood test!
  36. The funny, misspelt, all-lower-case emails they send you at work – which keep you smiling all day!
  37. Those thigh tingling times when they use their teeth to take off your underwear, little by little!
  38. How when they sit you on their lap and you worriedly ask if you’re too heavy, they always say “No, you’re fine. Stay!”
  39. How they act when watching football – as if their life depends on the outcome!
  40. The cool, smooth, feeling of their fresh, clean-shaven faces!
  41. Perfect two-day stubble works too!
  42. How when you tell them they shouldn’t kiss you in the morning because of your morning breath, they ignore you and kiss you anyway!
  43. How cute their faces look when they’re covered in shaving cream!
  44. How they think it’s sooooo cool when you accidentally burp out loud!
  45. That mesmerized “Ohh, baby” open-mouthed expression when you take off your clothes!
  46. The way they put their hand lightly on the small of your back as they guide you through a crowd at a party!
  47. The way they say your name out loud during sex, like it’s the only word left in the English language!
  48. The fact that they take an average of 4 minutes and 30 seconds to get dressed, even on formal occasions!
  49. Their secret appreciation of how you’re not afraid to ask for directions when you’re running late for a function in an unfamiliar area – and are hopelessly lost!
  50. The silly irrational way they get possessively jealous when a sales assistant, bartender or waiter flirts with you!


16, 34, 46 are my favourites! What one are your favs?


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