Mixed Bag #4 – Vasectomy, Le Mans & Ankle Strapping

Here is the fourth installment of the mixed bag. These stories are seriously hilarious to reminisce over! (For me!) I hope that you are enjoying them as much as I am…

I honestly can’t believe I do some of this stuff sometimes!


Way back when, I was about 18 or so, one of the very first people I ever slept with, was a guy I met at a nightclub down at Glenelg. We were down there partying drinking – What a surprise. What else did I do when I was younger besides drink & go out? Hahaha.

Anyway, we met & we were dancing & singing, then I was kissing this guy & in those days you actually, spoke to each other, not just sending texts that you can ignore the next day. So he talked to me & asked me to the movies. We go out for dinner & the movies, I remember sitting in the car with him, I was living with my parents & he tells me he can’t take me home. Let’s face it, I’m about 18 or 19, he’s a bit older, but I’m thinking that this guy could potentially be something, when he tells me that he’s got two very young kids & he’s just split up with his wife. In fact that one of them is still breastfeeding! WTF… This might be too much for an 18 year old! He tells me that he’s recently had a vasectomy. Now at that time in my life, I didn’t know if I want to have kids or not. I had always said that I didn’t really want kids & now I know that that is correct in my mid 30’s. However at that time, I was really young & didn’t want that choice taken away from me, so I knew that it wasn’t going to go anywhere with this guy, even though I wasn’t really sure.

I mean this guy had also just left his wife, for fuck sake… We catch up a few times though, the dinner & movies night then I remember having sex with him in my car, which was a tiny little Corolla, in the backseat, and I just remember riding him, as I leaned back in through to the driver’s seat, with him rubbing his hands down my chest, in another shopping centre car park.

It didn’t last very long with him, as I knew it wouldn’t but it was a great experience. I guess something that I wasn’t really expecting. I don’t really what happened, I probably should have written about it back then, but yeah it was a bit of a learning curve I guess.

Le Mans

Back in my younger days there was a fair bit of car racing in Adelaide. We had the Australian Grand Prix, we still have clipsal & we had Le Mans – I think this may have been a once off race, can’t really remember, I was drunk AF.

I went along with friends with pretty much didn’t watch much of the racing at all… I mean we were 3 chicks there for drinks & possibly boys, also the concert (OMG I just googled, it was 2000 that this happened! How do I even remember it?!) Upon the google search it was a new years eve event, that’s why I was there! Apparently there was Spiderbait, You Am I & The Living End… I do not remember this concert at all! FUCK… Either I have dementia or I have pickled my brain with too much alcohol!

I also don’t really remember seeing the cars at all… Was this a special kind of race with special cars? I have no idea! Hahaha… We were kind of just hung around in the general admission area & just drank. Back in those days, they did do bag checks, but not like they do now. We had bum bags (yes a bum back that you wore across your body) with a hidden bottle of vodka in it! So needless to say we were free pouring & got super drunk!

We met a group of boys, I don’t think either of my friends kissed anyone, but lets face it, it’s me… I kissed one of them! Hahaha. We’re standing there watching the memorable concert I’m dancing with this guy, him behind me with his hands on my hips, you know the type of dancing that happens when your guy is behind you. I’m rubbing my ass across his cock, through his pants. Him grabbing my waist tighter & tighter as he enjoys it more & more.

Then he slides his hands down the front of my pants. I spread my legs a little bit to give him a easy access to finger me, as if I am allowing this at a concert with my friends next to me. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that – but probably wasn’t the last, but I allowed this boy to finger me at a concert in public. I’m not sure that anybody actually knew that that’s what was happening & I’m not sure whether any of them saw it, but yep. Now you know, if you were there & you’re reading this. Sorry. But I’m pretty sure he made me cum! Hahaha.

Mixed bag.png

Ankle Strapping

These mixed bags are such a trip down memory lane, again when I was very young, I used to go out out every single weekend. I told you this before many many times & I used to pick up some random dude almost every week too, even if it was just to kiss. (This was back when I had good self-esteem – having not really been screwed over by anyone yet!) I never used to give a shit about what anyone thought about me & I’d go out & wear whatever skimpy thing I had. I was concerned about my weight but I still wore tiny skirts.
I meet someone & I dance with them, then usually ended up going home with them that night, always to theirs (which I never do now). So this one weekend at the local nightclub, it’s nothing new. I found a guy, danced with him all night getting closer & closer until the ugly lights come on & we’re forced out of the nightclub, doing the glace that says on my face ‘is he cute enough to go home with in the light’ without him noticing.
I go home with this guy who lives with his parents, well I live with mine too at this time in my life, so I shouldn’t judge! We got back to his house & we had sex, then I spent the night not having taxi money or knowing where I was.
In the morning, I woke up, a bit disorientated, not knowing where I was or what was happening. He has his back to me, but I can see him kind of doing something. I tried to figure out with the noise, what he was doing when I realise that he was jerking himself off a little, so he would be hard. I kind of stretch out so he knows I’m awake, expecting to have sex with him again, when he rolls over & literally climbs on top of me, slid inside me & fucked me… First lucky it’s me & I was wet from the night before but what if this was a dry woman? I was like dude, where’s the foreplay? I mean, did he really think that yeah him jerking himself off was enough to get him hard, but what about me?
I don’t think he thought about what he was doing to be honest. First of all there are things that you need to do to make sure a woman is wet before you just ram your cock in. If it doesn’t slide in easily & it takes a few attempts, you’ve probably not got her wet enough. I don’t know if it’s that they can’t be bothered with foreplay or that they just want to fuck, but I mean would it even be nice for them to dry fuck something? I highly doubt it because I can tell you now, it’s not a nice feeling when someone tried to dry fuck you.
I mean, I got wet when he started kissing me but I was just intrigued by this. What guys think that is required to actually fuck a chick. Obviously there is a lot more required for all women, but he didn’t seem to care. I hope I didn’t ruin him for other women, because I didn’t train him very well! But I did only have him for one night.
What’s with the ankle strapping? You ask. Sorry. Well, the ankle strapping first of all. So when we got home that night. I didn’t notice it obviously because I was confused about it the next morning. We had sex and I was like, why is this guy taped up? You know like the tape for sport injuries & whatnot. Both ankles were completely strapped to within an inch of their lives… They really did not have any bare skin whatsoever, &it felt kind of funny aganist my feet. It like it was like he didn’t take your socks off, but also a little bit like. What the fuck? I don’t know, it was weird. He told me that he has basketball & he had injured both ankles and had to have them strapped & he hasn’t been able to take the strapping off yet due to his hairly legs. But that’s why he’s called Mr ankle strapping, but it’s really quite interesting. It this story is more about the fact that he literally did not even try & turn me on before trying to fuck me. So I almost got dry fucked, but luckily for me, my vagina is ridiculous & gets wet regardless of what is happening around me & so it was not a dry as a bone. (Whatever that saying really means!)


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