Noodle #38

So the next night I go to Noodle’s work, wearing the sexy white lingerie that I was going to wear the day I wore the white dress he loves, this white lingerie, which I’ve shown him pictures of, but haven’t actually worn for him. He no longer has his spare iPhone to fake his location, so he is stuck & I have to go to him a lot more than I used too. I skip the gym & go to see him at his work in a cute dress & white lingerie.

I pick him up & because it’s February it’s daylight savings, so at 7:30 pm it’s still quite bright outside. So we can’t go to our regular spot & so I drive to a train station & pull up in the corner in a car park. We climb in to the backseat & start kissing, me straddling him & I love that moment when I lift my dress up over my head & his eyes pop out of his head once he sees what I’m wearing. Between that & that noise he makes, I swear to god, I feel like the sexiest woman alive, with no flaws, no stretchmarks, I honestly feel on top of the world when I see that look or hear that noise, I mean combine the two of those things & I will pretty much will just cum on the spot! Hahaha.

We fuck in the backseat, I’m not as conscious of fucking in public anymore since the carwash, that’s the most open & exposed sex I think I’ve ever had. This is a bit more secluded but as the sun sets in the night sky, Noodle cums for the first time on my face while cumming on my tits. He loves this when I open my mouth & poke out my tongue, he pretty much cums instantly. Laying there, I take a cute pic of me in the lingerie with his white cum on my face. (Later in the week I update my profile picture on the chat app to this pic – needless to say I get a lot of attention from it!) I clean us both up & we go back to his car & sit there chatting for hours, until 10:00 pm. It’s getting later & later that he’ll sit in the car chatting to me. She sleeps more obviously being more pregnant, so she’s never up when he gets home, so he isn’t too worried about her looking at the apple stalker app as much anymore. This is good for me because he’s also not looking at his phone or watch as much. I am getting undivided attention from Noodle without him looking at the clock. I feel like we are talking more than we fuck on Tuesdays now. I love this time as I’ve said before, just chatting to him, finding out more about him, actually telling him about me, not just talking about food or sex. In fact when we’re not having sex but we’re together, we don’t ever talk about sex. We talk over text all the time about sex, food our lives but in person we talk about ourselves more. I feel like this guy gets me, I get him & this is the first time I remember stuff.

I remember when Boyfriend was breaking up with me & he said to me “You don’t know me at all” & that hit home for me & that was how I know that I wasn’t in love with him. I didn’t know what Boyfriends favourite food was, I knew his favourite band but that’s mainly because music is my thing. I didn’t really know much about him even though we were together for 3.5 years & owned a house together. But with Noodle I am voracious for information about him, remembering everything that he tells me (within reason of course, not every word). OMG is that where that saying comes from? Hanging on every word? Because I do… I hang on every word he says & am always eager to hear more from him. The thing that scares me the most is that the appetite for information about him just seems to grow, even after a year, I can still find things to talk to him about. I still want to chat to him all day when we’re free & he still wants to chat to me.

The next day, it’s Valentine’s day! My most hated day of the year, as you can imagine – I’m always single. It’s a great day when you have a partner who is romantic I guess, which I never do. Expect last year my Nanna passed away & I spent the day with Max, which was really lovely to be honest, he was sweet & just what I needed that day, even though we didn’t have sex. Noodle starts the day by actually saying Happy V day to me, which surprises me, but I lap it up. I am going away for work today, so I pack the car & drive.

On my way to Mt Gambier for work, I pick a random mix on Spoitfy – maybe it’s something to do with valentine’s day & it there’s all these songs I don’t usually listen to or haven’t heard before & most seem to be about heartbreak, not love – WTF is this playlist? But when a song by Paloma Faith comes on, called ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’, I listen to the lyrics, they start speaking to me. I hit rewind when it’s done & then again & again, before long I know all the words & am belting out the tune on the drive. Does anyone else ever do that?

For about 3 hours I listen to this song before I realise I think I love Noodle! I stop singing (if I was walking I would’ve probably stopped in my tracks! Kind of like that scene in the movie Clueless when Cher is walking in front of the fountain & says ‘Wait a minute, I love Josh’ & the fountain lights up) so I just stare out the window at this revelation. No way. NO FUCKING WAY. That’s fucking stupid. I can’t love a man that is hiding me from everyone in his life & I’m hiding him from everyone in my life. I haven’t told my best friends that I’m seeing him, I have told my sister but she’s about the only one & I haven’t talk to her about it in a while.

It’s dumb… I’m just getting caught up, this is just a silly romantic song. It’s valentine’s day & he’s says that he’d buy me flowers if I was home… I’m just being an idiot. I mean if he wanted to get me flowers, he could’ve given me some last night! This isn’t love. I’m just best friends with him & he’s being sweet. I’m just being dumb. Let’s squash that idea out my head right now. Phew that was close, I almost caught feelings. I mean I don’t even know what love is… I wouldn’t have a clue what it means… So this is not it…

The song though, gets me, I’ll attach the YouTube clip & lyrics for you – just for those who want to listen. I think you need to at least read the lyrics! Fuck they are just what I’m feeling right now… Except the L word, of course!

I tell myself you don’t mean a thing
But what we got, got no hold on me?
But when you’re not there I just crumble
I tell myself that I don’t care that much
But I feel like I’m dying till I feel your touch

Only love, only love can hurt like this

Only love can hurt like this
Must have been a deadly kiss
Only love can hurt like this

Say I wouldn’t care if you walked away
But every time you’re there I’m begging you to stay
When you come close I just tremble
And every time, every time you go
It’s like a knife that cuts right through my soul

Only love, only love can hurt like this

Only love can hurt like this
Must have been a deadly kiss
Only love can hurt like this
Only love can hurt like this

Your kisses burning to my skin
Only love can hurt like this
But if the sweetest pain
Burning hot through my veins
Love is torture makes me more sure

Only love can hurt like this
Only love can hurt like this
Only love can hurt like this
Must have been the deadly kiss
Only love can hurt like this
Only love can hurt like this
Your kisses burning to my skin
Only love can hurt like this
Only love can hurt like this
Save me, save me
Only love, only love
‘Cause only love can hurt like this
And it must have been the deadly kiss

Songwriters: Diane Eve Warren
Only Love Can Hurt Like This lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

I’m away for work when I get a text from my neighbour telling me that I had flowers delivered & they are sitting in the sun. She knows I’m away for work & asks me if I would like her to take them to her house until I get back on Friday. I am dying to know who sent them to me. Noodle know’s I’m away so surely he wouldn’t send me flowers, but maybe he forgot I am away? I have been scheduling my trips to make sure that I am home on Tuesday nights to be able to see him, so it doesn’t disrupt our fucking schedule so maybe he forgot I was going away. If I ask him & it’s not him, he’ll be jealous & act like a tool. If it’s him & I don’t ask him, he’ll think I don’t care. I decide to just ask him if he sent them & he says no. My heart drops… But I can’t for the life of me think who would send me flowers. When Noodle replies to say that it’s not him, I knew in my heart of hearts that he didn’t send me flowers however, I am actually disappointed. He suggests that it was Max, being he’s back & being a weirdo with me. I dismiss this idea, I don’t want it to be Max, I want it to be Noodle. I get home on Friday & my neighbour comes rushing over with the flowers & they are from Max. FFS. I mean they are beautiful & I am grateful, but my first thought is, did he get his wife flowers? Does she know? & then I wish like hell that they were from Noodle, tbut then I am relieved that Noodle never comes over to my house anymore really, so he won’t see them. I don’t mention them again to Noodle.I see Noodle again on the Saturday for a lunch break fuck, nothing out of the ordinary for us. However it’s in the car somewhere around his work. On Monday we’re talking & being weird with each other, I don’t know if it’s because that stupid song I was listening too. I’m in a weird mood, we’re both being weird with each other & we’re snapping at each other a lot. I am trying not to write back to him as quickly as I usually do. Just letting his message sit there, which kills me & I hate that I am playing this game – but I do. Noodle asks me, ‘Do you wanna know something totally fucked?’ Oh FFS, what could he possibly say at this point, I’m already feeling shit about how we’re talking to each other at the moment, I feel like we are being distant (even though I only saw him 2 days ago for our usual Saturday lunch break – car sex in the backstreets around his work.) So whatever he could say to me now won’t surprise me. I’m sure I’ve heard it all before now anyway in this fucked up situation. So I text back ‘Sure,’ because as if I would say no anyway, but I wait with baited breath for his ‘something fucked’ message to come through. I can see that he is typing, so I keep my phone in my hand at my lunch break walking around work, it feels like forever for him to write it… It pops onto my screen, I stop dead in my tracks. I can’t read it, but I can’t look away….

Noodle’s words stun me:

‘I’m in love with you.’


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