Noodle #37

I’ve been asked a few times if I am worried about people reading this blog who are in my blog… Especially the people in this Noodle series… Well this is only my viewpoint & my opinion of what happened, there are always 2 sides to every story – in this case there’s 3 sides! I know my side very well, I’m only getting 1 side from Noodle obviously, however I know there’s another side in this story that I don’t know! I will say this though, that if I use quotation marks in any of my stories, it’s because I have screenshots of messages from the person who wrote to me & that’s a direct quote – complete with spelling errors! Hahaha… Most of my stories are from memories, text messages & pictures. So I am not worried about anyone reading & saying this is made up, because I have the proof that it’s not. My blog is completely non fiction & actually happen to me! Again I’m not proud of what I’ve done or how things have evolved in this story, but I think unless you’ve found this deep, passionate, earth shattering chemistry with a person, then you can’t really understand it fully. Personally, I probably would be sitting there thinking the same things as you guys, had I not experienced it first hand.

Anyway, my favourite part about our Tuesday nights together is the fact that when we go back to Noodle’s car, he doesn’t leave. He gets his phone, checks it & gets back into my car & we sit there for at least an hour or more, just talking. I never thought Noodle would be keen to just talk with me like this, but he obviously does otherwise he wouldn’t do it… We talk about everything, I open up about how I used to be, with the partying, how my life has been, he opens up about his life a lot more too. Our conversations now aren’t about people in the groups, like they were at the start, I guess mainly because that was the thing we had in common, but now they are about us, about our lives our past. I never talk about the future with Noodle face to face. Even though it’s dark & he can’t really see my face, I can’t ever bring myself to tell him in person how I feel about him or what I want from him.

Later that night, when I’m home in bed, I am chatting in the groups & tell them what I have been up too, I wish I could announce that it was with Noodle who fucked me in the carwash but we never admit that stuff in the groups. Noodle does make a comment though about how lucky the guy is & I agree. What a lucky guy who gets to fuck me in a carwash… & to think that someone passed on this opportunity! I wonder if Max regrets that now?!

Before we go to sleep that night, Noodle tells me that he’s tired as it’s after midnight, we’ve spent 3 hours together then chatting for about 2 hours post interaction, but says just before we go to sleep “Thanks for being so awesome #IBD4U! Your truly good to me” I am gobsmacked by this messages & laugh internally “OMG. Are you feeling ok?” Noodle never says stuff like this to me. “Night my super sexy slutty bitch” I laugh “Maybe you do need bed. Night” & I wait for his reply “Fuck you… xxx.” This makes me laugh again as I send my standard xxx back to him. This xxx thing has become a regular occurrence now – Noodle even doing it first sometimes… Fucking hell!

Noodle & I haven’t had a morning fuck for so long. It’s almost like I gave him a key & he gave up his fake iPhone app & I’ve had to make all the effort to go to him. But this next Friday morning at 6:30 am, Noodle is sneaking into my bed. I love morning sex, it’s probably my favourite time of day to have sex. A cheeky afternoon fuck is always fun too but I think there’s something to be said about waking up & fucking. While you’re still sleepy but horny, there’s nothing better sometimes!

We haven’t been able to fuck in our old favourite position that makes me squirt like a porn star, him on top, my legs on his shoulders, him pinning my arms to be bed, staring at me intently. I cannot move & have no choice but to be fucked by him, cumming within about 2 thrusts, I’m not even kidding, his cock shape hits that spot & the fact I can’t move, just gets me going… I do beg him to stop because I am conscious of how wet I am making the bed, but I think the begging him to stop just turns him on more & he keeps going. I mean lets be honest here, I don’t actually want him to stop or I would say red, the safe word, but he knows this too, while I am begging him to stop, it’s not what I mean… This is why safe words are very important. It’s a weird concept though, when you think about it…. Because I’m begging him to stop but don’t mean it, it could be misconstrued, I guess by an onlooker. However, Noodle & I have discussed limits & safe words at length however, I also think that if you’ve had these conversations, trust your partner & know your partner well, then you actually should never need your safe word. Your partner, the Top or Dom should be well equip to read your body to know when you are at your limit. Noodle is the only guy to really push me to my limits, always pushing the boundaries, but never enough that I would ever have to safe word him.

On that same Friday night, I go out with friends for a friends birthday & Noodle reads my message but never replies before he goes offline for the night & he never comes back online when his partner goes to bed & I am laying in bed waiting, like the loser that I am, for him to come back online for a little bit of his time. I am fucking furious, why does this piss me off so much! I always message him back even when I know that he’s offline with his family, but I got out with friends & he refuses to message me. On Saturday morning we have a fight about it, I am so pissed off that he refuses to message me when he thinks or knows that I am out or offline. It doesn’t happen very often that I am offline so I just want him to feel a little bit like I do when he goes offline to be with his family. But he is a stubborn ass & never replies & waits around for my message. He just logs off & refuses to respond. Wanker!Noodle dont talk shut up.pngWe’re chatting a bit weirdly on Saturday, I’m angry & he’s paying attention to me but not really, I feel like he’s distracted. I try to initiate sexy talk but he doesn’t engage so I make myself cum, put my phone done & doze off back to sleep. We chat a bit on Saturday night, I head to my other gym (the same gym as him) at 10:00 pm, hoping that he will say to come visit him at his gym, but he doesn’t & I don’t get to talk to him much.

Sunday comes around & I am being stubborn, I refuse to look at his good morning message which came at 4:30 am till I know that he won’t be online. I am just fucking hurt, angry & feeling foolish. I can’t believe I am in this position & am so fucking perplexed about why I can’t pull myself out of this fucking mess… I am a smart woman, about to start studying law & I can’t sort my fucking love life out! We talk a little bit, I tell him that I came & fell asleep that’s why I didn’t talk to him much on Saturday, he then says night & I say night.

I wake up Monday to nothing from him & I know that he’s not going to message me, I fucking don’t want to message him either, but my fucking god, I can’t control myself. I message him morning & he replies. As we talk, I explain how I feel & he apologises for the weekend, this is the first time I actually think he’s sincere about an apology “No I am sorry. You think normally when I wake up for a piss I message you at 4:30. Believe it or not I don’t want to make you feel stupid or foolish. Nor do I want to hurt you or piss you off. Some lame ass reason  actually care about you. Even if I don’t always show it/can’t show it.” I ask if he means it & he says yes, I actually believe this apology. “You wanna know why I don’t message you when your out. Cos I don’t want to feel foolish. Don’t want to not get a message back while your distracted doing whatever your doing that night. Which in my head is fucking people. Hahaha. So I kinda get it from your point of view” OMG is he kidding me! How often do I have to reassure this guy? “I know!!! That’s why I said you don’t get it. I always feel like a fool but you refuse to let yourself so you don’t message me. You finally get it!” FINALLY! “I still feel foolish & make foolish mistakes. But jeez, I don’t let it get to me like you do hahaha.” Yeah because he has a partner & kid to distract him, he’s not sitting at home alone overthinking like I do, but it doesn’t get to him because he deosn’t reply so he doesn’t have to feel foolish, he says “Sometimes I do. I’ve had my moments, but I just don’t tell you” True, I can’t hold in my feelings sometimes when I get angry. I remind him “Today you didn’t want to continue the convo in case I didn’t want to talk to you… Cos you don’t want to feel like a fool. So instead it makes me feel more foolish.” Does he not get this? “No I was pissed at you & was being a jerk.”  Yeah well I knew that! I don’t know what he’s pissed with me for though.. “I was pissed you fell asleep sat… During the time we can chat… then pissed you ignored me Sunday morning. & then said nothing to me Sunday night & coldly said night to me. Yeah I have my lame moments too.I mean on Friday night he didn’t even say goodnight to me, so how can he be upset that I said Night. Cold or otherwise, at least I said it! He tells me ”I just wanted to chat to you. I had missed you… Then I was like well fuck you bitch” he tells me that he wasn’t happy I disappeared & went back to sleep on Saturday again. I reply ”You have no idea how it feels to have you disappear for me… But I don’t do it to you on purpose. I know you don’t either but I’m sure it doesn’t feel the same for you since you’re off living your life” He’ll never feel the same as me on this. No matter what he says ”Half the time living my life thinking about you constantly tho. ” Awww FUCK!

I tell him that I don’t know that he’s thinking about me when he’s not with me. ”Considering I haven’t deleted the chat app for the last week & messaged you every chance I get. I’m just as loserish as you. ” Fuck that makes me laugh! ”I get you think that but I don’t know it… Even when you tell me, I don’t really believe it. ”  It’s hard for me to believe that he is thinking about me when he’s just logged off & not bothered to message me. & Fuck that he hasn’t been deleting the chat app, my fucking face is my profile picture, she’ll know what I look like should she find the fucking app! Jeez, he’s risking a lot. What if she asks for his phone, I’m fucked & so is he! ”What part of me telling you I have feelings for you do you not fucking get? ” Alright, jeez… hahaha. ”The same part you don’t get.” Hahaha, being that he still thinks I’ve fucking someone else. ”I fucking see you every time we can now? & even like the parts when we don’t fuck. Just chat & shit… Only problem is we have such fucking amazing hot sex it overshadows our friendship part” Hahaha, that’s true, it sometimes does which is why we end up in these fights. I tell him that we both fucked up on the weekend, lets just have sex & make up & he agrees. Saying that we’d be one of the couples who has sex to fix everything ”I’ll be shitty at you tho (rarely tell you I am) once I’ve cummed in you all is forgiven.”


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