Noodle #36

The next night Noodle & I meet at his work, he’s later than usual & so I go to the gym, but I decide to wear some sexy new red lingerie for him. I am not sure why I do this after how I feel, but I want to feel sexy. I am not sure he can even touch my clit today after the record breaking amount of orgasms I had yesterday but I fuck him anyway in the back of the car – not wanting to miss an opportunity to see him. How easily I forget the things he says to me & how easily I am willing to see him after I feel like a fool. What is wrong with my vagina?!

It’s like there’s a ticking time bomb with everything we say, we can’t be straight with each other anymore, he thinks things are a compliment but I am taking offence to the things that he’s says. He tells me “Don’t make me admit I have feelings for you again…” I tell him he doesn’t have to admit it, I know & it’s why he’s an asshole to me.

Do you guys remember Milky? I am telling to Noodle about fact that I am covered in Noodle’s cum from fucking him still & his cumming on my tits, the place he loves to cum the most. When I tell him how Milky used to jump up & shower pretty much right after we finished fucking. It used to weird me out a little, like I was so dirty that he had to shower, however with Noodle, I am a different kind of dirty, Noodle loves the fact I’m always covered in his cum “Ha I’ve slept next to my wife after fucking you… My cock covered in your cum… Kinda find it hot” Jesus it’s hot but fuck it’s so terrible that we did that… Probably more than once.

The next morning I wake up to messages from Noodle, I know he’s being funny being that I get messages like this all the time from guys on the chat app “Good Morning Beautiful. You have stunning eyes. Your eyes sparkle like the sea. Wanna meet up baby. Hi. Hi. Hi. Add me on Snapchat xxx” then he sends me a dick picture. & what makes me laugh the most about those messages, is that it’s exactly what some guys send to me, I’ve shown him before so he’s trying to lighten the somber tone we’ve been messaging each other the last week, I am smiling for the first time in a while. So I write back “My panties are so soaked. Your cum, my cum, my wet pussy… I wish you were sliding into me right now… Hard cock, wet pussy. Yep, just like that baby” he sends a heart eye emoji & says “Do you say that to all the guys” I tell him that it’s my standard response when someone asks for my snapchat & I’m laughing. He then asks me if my snapchat still has my real name as my user name & I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t my real name, would he add me? Stupidly when I made my snapchat account I used my first & last name as the user name & you can’t change it, so I never give it out to anyone anymore once I realised. I wonder if it wasn’t my real name, would Noodle add me & just pretend I’m someone from his work. & because the messages delete, she’d never know & he could talk to me in front of her?! I never add him on snapchat so I’ll never know. But probably for the best to be honest.

Later on I am being needy again & probing him to admit he likes me without actually asking, he asks me why I keep asking him to admit his feelings for me, I tell him because I need to hear it but what I don’t tell him is that he needs to hear it. He needs to start to realise that I am more to him that just his slutty mistress giving him the best sex of our lives but I am someone he has genuine feelings for! He says that “Hmmm gotta keep my cards close to my chest” I think that it’s just insane, I’m the one that will be hurt here “I have to more than you do. I’ll get way more hurt than you will!” he says “You think I won’t get hurt?” I guess he’ll be hurt for a bit but “No. You’ve got your family. You’ve got your other life.” She’ll find out & he’ll forget me, making up lies to her about me to salvage his family – as much as I am playing over in my mind all the amazing things that could happen if he left her, realistically, he is never going to leave… What am I still doing with this guy? “You’re a part of my life now tho” OMG. That’s why! FUCK… I don’t think he knows what he’s saying but I stupidly lap it up “Awwww. I think that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me. Ever.” I know what he’ll respond with, something about not meaning it “Errr. I mean. Whattt. Shhhh you.” I laugh at that, knowing that what he would say but then I get “I consider you a close friend & a lover. & yet it would hurt when I do lose you” FUCK… A lover?! Jesus… But did you pick up on the bit that stings?! ‘When I DO lose you’ FUCK. Meaning he is going to lose me no matter what… I’m such a fucking fool. One minute he says I’m part of his life, next he’s saying he’ll lose me! I am so confused… I mean I know he is & doesn’t think he is worthy of me, but fuck, I’ve been seeing this guy for almost a year on a weekly basis… I mean if he doesn’t understand what I feel for him now, will he ever? Will I just be constantly reassuring him for the rest of my life if we get together?

This has also been around the time that Max has been messaging me, quite a lot actually, including joining groups to chat to me when I don’t reply to him. He has started calling me Angel as I have changed my profile picture to a snapchat filter, that I know that I look cute in but Noodle hates, so I put it up just to be annoying. But Max loves it calling me Angel or Muffin in the groups, so much so other people notice that he’s being a weirdo & a bit creepy with me. A few people say things to him, including Noodle that Max changes his name to Creepy Max. Noodle is so super jealous, I know he is, but he makes jokes out it. I have also kept to myself that Max is messaging me privately. I’m certain that Noodle would know that he has been messaging me but I haven’t told him per se.

Noodle Glow diffrently

So tonight when Max is saying goodnight, Noodle says the same to me privately “Night angel muffin” & I laugh because terms of endearment do not come easily out of Noodles mouth. I say “Night baby cakes” & he replies “Night belly bacon” This is hilarious. “That’s a compliment coming from you cos you lurvvvve bacon” I know that one of Noodle’s favourite foods is bacon, I actually learn later than his favourite food is ribs. I am also careful not to say the word love here too… I say lurvvve instead… He says “Well I do. Night frosted doughnut” his other favourite food, something he does love! I tell him that I bust out laughing & he says “Your doughnut needs my frosting on it. xxx” Fuck, Noodle just used my little kisses… So I send them back, smiling like an idiot as I snuggle down to sleep!

Things are sort of back to normal, just chatting normally every day while we can, we don’t talk much about feelings or anything like that, probably for the best. I am being cheeky on Saturday when I go to see him for lunch, I have just bought some g strings that have written on the back ‘Whore’ & ‘Slut’ I decide to wear the whore ones today for him & lift my skirt so he can see. I know that he won’t take them off my wanting to fuck me from behind to see my ass printed with whore. I used to find all things degrading like name calling or wearing something like this so bad & I used to hate stuff like this. But with this guy, I love it, I love how he reacts, I love how turned on we both get, it feels amazing when he calls me “his slut” or “his whore”, I don’t know if it’s just because he’s calling me “his” or because I know that he doesn’t call anyone else those things. I am his & he can do whatever he wants with me, to me, with me. I meet him at his work for lunch & I don’t tell him where we are going but I have plans to go to the hardware store & get him to buy cable ties, something we’ve also been talking about restraining me with. I am wearing a short dress & my whore g string, which I’d sent him a picture before I left my house so he knows what is under this cute summer dress. We’re walking around the hardware store & find the cable ties when he runs his hand up my leg to my ass… Fuck just that little gesture, makes me hot for him. I tell him we need to get out of here ASAP before the sight & feel of him makes me cum in the hardware store. He pays for the cable ties, which I find sexy too (I’m not sure why watching him at the checkout paying with his apple watch is hot, but maybe it’s the fact he’s buying something naughty for us to use.)

We drive to our usual Saturday spot & we get into the back seat & I first ride him till I cum & then climb off poking my ass in his face so he can actually see the whore g string. He squeezes my ass making that noise I love & he pushes me down to fuck me really hard, pulling my hair telling me that “You are my whore, cum for me” FUCK. As if on command, I cum really hard & I can’t stop even if I tried. I hear about these women, including his partner that stop themselves, well fuck, I don’t think I ever could. Especially with this guy, there is no way I could ever stop myself. & to be really honest with you, I wouldn’t even want to stop myself. I love cumming & I love cuming with him, he loves to watch me cum, feel me cum, so why wouldn’t I want to cum for him?

Noodle tells me that his son has found the spare iPhone that he uses to fake his location, in his car middle console (Why would Noodle keep it there?! Fuck he’s an idiot sometimes. He knows she goes through his car & gym bag.) His son asked what is was for & Noodle told his son that it’s a spare play phone for him to play with when they’re driving. His son gets excited about a play phone & I worry that his son will tell his mum about this phone in Noodle’s car. I think this is really risky, but Noodle doesn’t see it the same way as I do. However it’s around this time too that Noodle stops using the phone to fake his location because he had to name them something different & he asks me by sending me a screenshot if I notice that one has a capital letter for his first name & that the other had a small letter for his first name. I tell him that I notice that one phone is white & the other is black, which is what freaks him out more & he stops using it. Is this guy really worth the risk I’m taking?!

I tell Noodle about a fantasy of fucking in a car wash, I’ve told him this before to be honest & he’s always said he wants to do it. I had told Max about this fantasy but we never did it, when I suggested it, Max just sent me an emoji of a surprised face but then told me that he’d just washed his car. Well fuck, alright!

Noodle is super keen on the idea, we’ve been talking about it for a while & so this Tuesday night when I pick him up for work, we are planning to fuck in the carwash at the service station. I’m excited for even more daring sex, I mean the fact I’m fucking a partnered guy & could get caught any moment is hot as fuck of course, but the fact that we might get caught fucking in the carwash is super exciting. I skip the gym to be at his work early & the sun is still shining being early February, I wear a summer dress for easy access. I pick Noodle up & head to the local service station with a automatic car wash, we park & I go into buy a ticket, Noodle decides he’s hungry & orders Subway for his dinner. Standing next to him at subway, I feel awkward & we barely touch, but fuck I want to just reach out & grab him, cuddle him & have him do the same back. But I am self conscious about public displays of affection, one because someone from his work might walk in & two because I am just not confident sometimes that a guy wants me to touch them. & I don’t want to be all over them if they don’t want that… I need to get over myself to be honest because clearly he wouldn’t care at this point in our relationship, surely. But I am careful being that we are close to his work. But I feel the tension building as we stand so close, dribbling on about shit from the day to each other. His Subway takes forever, like I have never spent so long waiting for a fucking sandwich, even Noodle comments on how fucking slow they are. Is it just cos we’re so eager to fuck in the carwash or are they actual being slow? Hahaha.

We get his subway & I drive around to the carwash, where we have to wait for another car, Noodle scoffs his Subway while we’re waiting, which also seems like forever. There is a car behind us now too. This doesn’t seem to faze Noodle as we’re sitting there waiting, he tells me to suck his cock. I know I am here to fuck this guy in public but I feel conscious of sucking his cock in this twilight daylight until he takes it out & looks at me with a stern look telling me to suck it. So hot & sexy that I do. I don’t make him cum before the car in front of us finishes & as I sit up in the car, I notice a camera on us. Noodle again isn’t fazed but I am now worried that I’m not going to be able to go through with this.

I drive into the car wash & fucking hell, there is a glass wall on one side looking out to the small carpark & a fucking glass wall with the service station in it. It’s the back of the counter, there is no one there but I say to Noodle as the carwash starts, that I don’t think we should do this. He asks why & when I tell him why, he says just climb on my cock. I hesitate before he commands me to get out of the drivers seat & onto him in the passenger seat. I doubt with this much worry in my head, that I’ll be able to cum. Also surely the person behind us can see that I’ve just climbed across the seats. Isn’t this what you wanted though? To fuck in a carwash? However I never thought it would be as the sun was setting & with glass walls around me. However as I slide on Noodle’s cock, all of that disappears & I am riding him hard, popping my tits out of the top of my dress for him to suck my nipples. I am riding him longer than usual before he says “Cum for me” & as if on command, I do… How does he do that to me? A husky whisper in my ear & I do as I’m told… As the car wash finishes, Noodle hasn’t cum yet so we drive to another location & fuck again, until he cums all over me. I have to say that I reckon this is the hottest thing I have ever done, fuck in a carwash! So sexy, naughty & fun!!


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