Max #10

Max is back! I can almost hear the groans from you!

This will be a relatively short one today, for those who settle down with their morning coffee, it’s not one of those blogs today! Sorry.

Yep, He’s been in the groups again, not very successfully I must admit. He’s being creepy with me calling me weird things & then even changes his name on the chat app to Max Creepy. He messages “Good morning Sugar.” & all I write back is morning a few hours later then get nothing till the next day at about the same time “Good Morning precious.” Every message comes with an emoji too. The kissing cheek one or a flower – always an emoji of some sort. I mean this is confusing to me, not my feelings for Noodle but the fact that surely he knows from Sweetie & from me that I am seeing Noodle & he knows that I’ve told sweetie I have feelings for him. Surely he knows all that?

Noodle is in every group with me so he sees Max join the groups. They are both awkward with each other. Noodle is a complete ass to him all the time… I mean, considering that Noodle’s cock has been inside Max’s wife, it’s probably not a good idea to piss each other off. Maybe that’s what it is? Or is a pissing contest about me or her? I don’t tell Noodle that Max is private messaging me, but every day I get something from him. I don’t engage but he keeps trying.

Eventually one day, he messages me this “This probably sounds creepy. But I keep thinking about you being restrained and blindfolded, & running my fingertips down your cheek & all over your body, then slowly up your legs… Doing that over & over until you start to wriggle & moan” I will admit, that it made me kind of hot, but only because my thoughts were of  Noodle doing these things to me. Not Max.

I don’t write back to him at all, to be honest… The next morning “Busy tonight sexy girl?”  I ignore. I hate that I am ignoring but I don’t know why he doesn’t get the hint or have a conversation with Sweetie to find out there I’m at with Noodle.

The next day “Good Morning Petal” which I ignore too.

The next day “Good Morning Beautiful” to which I also ignore…Max invest in you.pngI must accidentally click on the messages turning the D to an R & he knows I’ve read the bloody thing. He writes back again “How have you been? Is everything ok?”  I am not one to ignore, so I tell him that I’ve been good & that everything is fine. I am trying to be an nonchalant as I can but also disinterested so he backs off. He replies “Ok, ummm. In that case… are my messages unwelcome? If you prefer I leave you alone then I will.”  When I get that message, I feel bad to be honest, which is dumb after the way that he treated me only 8 or 9 months ago. I reply “Just don’t want to get involved with you again, you tell me one thing then do another… I’m happy with my situation & don’t want to jeopardise it.” He replies back “Ok, I’ll stop with the messages. I want to be friends still. Message me one day if you ever feel the same way.” Look to be honest, I was never really friends with him, he put in the effort, lots of effort, got what he wanted, got bored with it so then he changed the dynamic & pissed me off, which I think was justified on my part… Don’t just fuck me & call me your girlfriend if you really just want to be a slut like he said he does!

Max leaves the groups & I tell Noodle that he’d been messaging & I even send him a screenshot of the messages so he can see, because I know that Noodle wouldn’t believe me, I want to show him that I have nothing to hide. I have been cheeky with other people who’ve private messaged me, I will admit that, but I haven’t with Max. I want Noodle to know that. I want to prove that I am the loyal person that I thought I was & I know I deserve better than the snippet of time that I get with Max which is allowed to see me. I mean I see Noodle more than I saw Max & Max had permission to see me & a wife that really liked me, so the fact that I never saw him or that he stopped putting in effort, just left the path for Noodle to swoop in & be the guy who always writes back & sees me, no matter what it may cost him!


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