Noodle #35

Even though this week has been fucked for Noodle & I, he’s fought with his partner, he’s fought with me & we’ve been apart, unable to see each other. I haven’t enjoyed my weekend away with friends & family. I’ve been on my phone messaging him the whole time – I am excited to see him, even if it is only for a hug! But the thing that fucks me off the most about me having my phone in my hand all weekend, is that if he was away, I wouldn’t hear from him at all, it’s like I don’t exist. He puts down his phone & enjoys the weekend. I go away after fighting with him all week & I carry my phone around like my life depends on it, replying to him instantly! Again, foolish!

I think the only highlight this week was me buying a electric toothbrush, yeah I know what a fucking hoot! Noodle has laughed at me out too by saying that it’s about time I got up to 2018 & got an electric toothbrush. But I recall that he had a normal toothbrush when I saw a picture of his bathroom sink!

Oh yeah, this week has had the most amazing news for me too & I feel like I haven’t been able to even enjoy it or celebrate it. Late last year, I decided that I wanted to study law part time as well as work full time (I might be a fucking idiot!) However after applying for university for the first time in my life & actually applying for law school & I was accepted, in the first round! LIKE WHAT THE FUCK! But with all the shit going on with Noodle, I don’t get to tell him & I don’t even get to enjoy the fact that I had not only been accepted in to a university, but I was accepted to law school! OMG I am Elle Woods… Yet I don’t fucking tell anyone! I hate that the one person I want to tell, is having a crisis & I can’t tell him… I am a smart woman, but right now I feel like a fool & I feel so dumb. I don’t know what is wrong with me!

On the way home from the Riverland, I bring a friend home with me & for really the first time I confide in someone about the whole relationship with him. I have needed to talk to someone about it, especially this week & stuck in the car with her for a couple of hours, I can’t control myself, my words come out & I can’t stop myself. (She recently told me that when I was telling her about Noodle in the car, she was thinking what is #IBD4U doing with this guy but now that’s she reading the blog, she gets it! Thank you for telling me that!). But I am glad I talked to someone about it. I know every time I do talk to someone about it, I sound so defensive of him, I make excuses which I stupidly believe too.

I have river hair as the shack we stay at has river water in the shower, with my usually perfectly straightened hair or perfectly curled with a straightener, my hair is naturally curly today or aka a birds nest! I text noodle & ask if he wants to see me, which he jumps at the chance. Telling me his partner is at work, he’ll set his son up with his iPad & meet me in his driveway, for the hug we both need!

I pull into Noodles driveway & text him to tell him I am there, he comes out & gets in the front seat with me, we instantly hug. FUCK. I fucking feel like I might cry as the hug lingers… I never cry… As we pull apart we kiss on the lips, but hug again. Fuck I hate that we’ve had weird conversations this week, I have needed his arms around me, I want his touch, I’ve needed his touch. Not sexually, not that I would say no to sex with him but I fucking need his strong reassuring arms around me. Even though I know now, in no uncertain terms that, while he says I am worth risking his family for, I am not worth taking the risk to end it with his partner & trying to be with me. He is too scared of being alone, that I will never win in this situation with him.

We hug again, I really just need to feel him, however as we’re hugging, my hand slides between his legs & rubs him through his shorts. Next minute I have his cock out & in my mouth, sucking him till he cums in my mouth. I think this will be the end, but he slides his hands between my legs & under my bathers to finger me till I cum too… We talk a little about this week, we both apologise, I explain it’s the hormones from the morning after pill which he apologises for too & tells me that his brother’s wedding was really hard for him. We hug again before he has to go back inside. I feel better, but I also have in the back of my mind, that this is what we’ll always be… Me sneaking around for a split second of his time…Noodle fucked up.pngInterestingly tomorrow, we have the whole day off together. Literally he’s told his partner he has to work all day when it’s really his RDO & I have arranged a 3sum for Noodle… I have said I will do this if he does 2 men with me, however he is so conscious of the size of his cock, that he pretty much won’t ever do that with me, I am almost certain of it. Sweetie is going to come over about 1:00 pm & I’m going to give Noodle the fantasy he’s always wanted. To be honest, because I’d arranged this weeks ago, is the only reason I am going through with it now, after the week we’ve had & how foolish I feel. I can’t believe that I am giving Noodle his number one sexual bucket list. Am I doing it because I think it will make him leave her?

Noodle says that he’ll be at work at 6:00 am & he’ll wait till his partner is at work at 9:00 am before he comes over to my house. I think that’s a wasted 3 hours & that if I’m awake I’ll go pick him up. Of course my body clock aka wet vagina, wakes me up at 5:30 am & I head to his work to pick him up so he can leave his phone in the car & we go back to my house. I haven’t gotten out of my pjs so I crawl back into bed when we get back to my place. We have sex multiple times, Noodle insistent on making me cum multiple times – not that this is a problem… I don’t realise at the time, but he is keeping count. Remember my record?! Hahaha.

When we get up & end up in the lounge room, I’m almost trying to get away from Noodle but he keeps making me cum, I get no rest. Eventually we just lay there & he massages me, rubbing me all over like his hands can’t stop touching me. About 9:00 am his says we should go get his car & his phone so we drive back to his work & pick up his car. When we get back to my house he makes me cum multiple times again, this guy isn’t going to give up!

Does anyone eat Halo Top ice-cream? (I’m not paid to sponsor them, but I could if anyone I know works for them!! Hahaha!) It’s a low calorie ice-cream which is about $10 a tub however it’s delicious & Noodle has been telling me about it, I’ve become obsessed & trying every flavour however I bought the almond flavoured one & it is fucking disgusting! It takes like gross marzipan & I can’t stand it. I’ve been telling Noodle about it for weeks & said he can try it & take the tub. However when I give him a spoonful he acts like I have given him poison & he races to the sink spitting it out telling me how ‘rank’ it is! I literally can’t stop laughing!

We decide that we will go out for lunch & we go to the Mexican restaurant that’s close to my house that’s just opened, it’s like a take away. We eat in there too, because I don’t want to just hang around my house. This is the closest thing I will ever get to a date with Noodle. I relish in this moment, I love the time we have together that is just about sex, while I want to fuck him all the time, I really love this time with him. Actually getting to know him… I tell Noodle that I will message Sweetie when we’re ready for her, we go home & he’s brought 2 drinks with him, I guess to calm the nerves. I’m sitting on the kitchen counter having a drink with him too when exactly 1:00 pm, Sweetie knocks on the door & says hello. Noodles face is priceless & he freaks out. I laugh & just say it’s Sweetie.

This is the first time Noodle has met a friend of mine, they know each other from the chat app of course, but no one has even seen Noodle & I together… I know how submissive she is with her husband in these situations & I know I get awkward too. I am 100% certain that Noodle will be weird & not be able to be his dominant self because he’ll be thinking he looks stupid, so I know that I will have to take charge here. I offer Sweetie a drink but she says no. We stand around talking until I make a move on Noodle & he lifts my skirt when I say I have a nice ass & they both agree. I kiss Noodle then I walk into my bedroom & take off my dress, undressing Noodle as he we go, I push him on the bed & turn back to Sweetie who’s taken off her clothes too. I kiss her, because I know that Noodle will want to see that & then I get out his cock & suck it. Sweetie follows suit & sucks his cock too, I’m looking at Noodle & seeing him enjoy it so much, I am surprised I am not jealous of this at all. I ride Noodle while kissing Sweetie, then I get a condom for them to use & Noodle fucks her. I am kissing Sweetie still & asking Noodle if he likes that being that both of them are being mute! They seem to enjoy the sex they have & then we move to Sweetie going down on me & Noodle forces his cock in my mouth, I cum again several times… We’re all laying around as we’re finished when there is a knock at the door & because I have left the screen door shut but the wooden door open, a woman’s voice says “hello” I think nothing much of it, but both Sweetie & Noodle freak out, Sweetie suggesting that it’s his partner & Noodle literally going white as a ghost. Freak out over, it’s the postie dropping off a parcel. Hahaha. I go back into my bedroom & laugh at the 2 of them freaking out about someone at the door.

Sweetie goes home afterwards & Noodle & I take it down a notch by having a bath together. Again I literally love having a bath with him. We talk about the fact that this day was probably a bit ambitious being that my clit can barely take anymore.

We’re sitting there talking, it’s still early he has about another hour but I get to the bottom of the fight Noodle had with his partner. She had said to him that he doesn’t look at her the same way or touch her the same way anymore. In fact she even accused him of having a girlfriend… He never told me that till bit later, because he said that I was being shitty & emotional. Well fuck, he was being emotional too… Something was in the air. I mean he’s told me before that I change when I’m away for work & I know I do, because I am starting to resent the fact that I am away from him, he has limited time to see so imagine me only having limited time too. I fucking hate that he could’ve seen me & I was away for work! I used to love my job, I don’t want to resent it because of a man. I tell him that I am not worth risking his family, but he says “It’s a hard choice but it’s worth risking. But I am biased, you just gave me a 3sum” I don’t think I understand the logic here, but I guess at this point, she isn’t going anywhere, if she genuinely thinks he has a girlfriend & she hasn’t left him, then clearly she is going to put a fight if he does try to leave her. He jumps up & leaves & I feel like he just ruined the whole day. He’s made my cum 39 times, beating my record by 11 (He’s super proud of himself by the way! Hahaha) & we’ve bathed, had a 3sum, a date & then he’s just made me feel like an idiot… His partner notices that he’s not into her the same way as he used too… Meaning if he’s not looking at her the same way, is he looking at me the way he used to look at her? I tell him I’m not shitty but he says that I’m being kinda distant. He says that he told me that because it’s a compliment that he doesn’t look at his partner the same way, but does he not get that hurts that she’s noticing it & yet he won’t leave her? I just say I’m tired & his partner will be home soon so I don’t want to go into it when he doesn’t have the time so he should just ignore it but he says he wants to know but not to go into it now, like a typical male!


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