Mixed Bag #5 – Alaska, Twister & 21st

Here is the fifth installment of the mixed bag series… Do we like these mixed bags? I feel like I have way too many dating stories! Hahaha…



While living in Canada, I did a bit of travelling across the USA. I decided that I want to go to New York, Seattle & Alaska. However towards the end of the trip of 6 months backpacking, I couldn’t afford to go to Alaska, so my wonderful sister lent me some money to buy the plane fare.

Everywhere I had been so far, I got off the plane on to a bus or in a taxi to the hotel at the airport, however Anchorage is pretty much like flying into a tiny country town where there is no life. It was the middle of winter & as everyone scurried out to their cars or their pickups, the doors locked loudly behind me, like it was the only plane that flew into this town & I stood there looking around for a bus stop or a taxi stand. Finding neither, I start to panic, it’s freezing & I’m not sure that it’s going to be light very much longer – not knowing that it stays light until like 10pm here, so that was going to be the least of my worries.

I have an Australian mobile & a Canadian mobile, this is really before the days of internet on your phone too, so I couldn’t google a taxi number or even how to get to the hotel if I walked, so I was fucked! Standing there, I burst into tears not knowing what to do! When I hear a noise, a bus, it seems to be driving past, but then pulls up, the driver gets out & asks me what I am doing? I say waiting for a bus or taxi, he says there aren’t any & tells me to get on his bus. I do so, not thinking about being murdered, there are others on the bus & he helps me with my massive backpack. I have never been more thankful for a good samaritan, he takes me into the town & it’s a bit more lively than the airport. He tells me that there is the bus I need to get to the hotel & as I get off it drives off, the driver tries to radio it, but he can’t. I thank him profusely & let him go saying I’ll just catch a taxi. I jump into a taxi & finally get to the hotel. A shared bedroom thing with bunk beds, pretty much what I’d been living in the whole time.

An older lady is in my room, who I remember giving a pair of jeans too that no longer fitted me as I’d been walking so much that I’d lost some weight. She asks if I want to go to a pub with her & some guys that she knows from the hotel. I agree thinking that this will be a fun night out & I’m not really sure what else I’m going to do in this place.

We walk to the pub & I get a drink. The guys & woman get a drink too but something happens & a fight breaks out. What the fuck. Tables are going everywhere, chairs are being thrown across the room, I even watch a fucking fridge get knocked over & I’m not even sure what started it or why it is happening but all I remember is the song that’s on the juke box, that probably ended up smashed was All American Rejects – Gives you hell

Every time I hear that song I am taken back to that evening in the pub with only one woman behind the bar trying to wrangle in these men that are just trashing the place. What was it even about & why did it get so violent. The woman behind the bar is screaming about not calling the cops as I find out later they will be shut down because this bar has too much fighting in it… Oh holy fuck! Time to get out…

I slip out the door quietly, basically walking as fast as my little legs will carry me back to the dorm room, freaking out. A little while later the woman comes back with the 2 guys & they apologise trying to get me to go somewhere else with them but I refuse & say that I am going to go to sleep now but that I have a lot of things to do while I’m in Alaska – What a fucking lie. I can’t find anything to do in this town. I end up on a whale watching tour & see Orca’s in the wild, the most amazing thing to ever happen to me!! & I hire a car & drive around seeing some beautiful country side. But I’ll never forget that fight, I may have a bit of PTSD every time I hear that song or whenever someone starts a fight somewhere…

Mixed bag what if.png


I met this younger guy on the anonymous app that I was using a lot for just chatting but I used to meet a lot of guys on there… this guy what a surprise was younger than me, as is every guy that app, because it’s designed for teenagers! Hahaha. We talk for a while & I don’t really engage in much because he’s so much younger, but some how we decide that we should meet & play games…

Like I’m in my mid 30’s & going to meet this guy to play a fucking game… So I buy twister as that seems to be the joke that we keep talking about , strip twister. I am not sure I’m going to be able to go through with naked twister with someone I don’t know but I will give it a try.

I have spent ages getting ready, I look amazing actually, with a new short haircut, I invite him over & we sit & talk. But it’s weird he says some odd things, like about my age & his age (like he didn’t know how old we were!?) that I think I am never going to fuck this guy. In fact we never even play twister. It actually never comes out of the box but this is a lesson why you meet people early on in the chat because you get attached, have a great chat & think there is a connection then they turn out to be a weirdo!


My 21st birthday was a night to remember, not that I remember it because what do you know, I was smashed drunk! We went to nightclub on the actual Thursday night of my birthday & everyone is buying me drinks. I am getting so drunk as usual when I was that age. This is even around the time I was good friends with Italian because he was there too with other friends.

Somehow on the dance floor, there are 3 men dancing with me. Some of my other friends are just standing around watching this all unfold! FUCK…

So these 3 guys all kiss me, I pash them all, taking in turns of kissing each one, like a fucking idiot! What the hell am I doing? But fuck this is really fun!

I don’t remember the evening very well, but friends remind me of the time when I kissed 3 guys in a circle on the dance floor… But lets not forget, you only turn 21 once! Hahaha…


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