Noodle #11

While Noodle & I talk every day, it’s a bit longer between the Saturday all day visit till the Wednesday when he comes over in the morning. I’m in bed of course when he gets there, after all it’s 6:30 am & my alarm doesn’t usually go off till 7:15 am, though I’m usually awake before he gets there anyway because I know he’s coming & I’m excited…

He climbs into bed with me & starts the usual rubbing my side all over till I roll over & face him, kissing his ridiculously minty breath. He smells divine that I think that just the smell of his deodorant (which I’m pretty sure is just a supermarket antiperspirant spray) will tip me over the edge. When we fuck he reaches over to get a vibe out of my draw & uses it on me, I cringe but also enjoy his cock in me wile he has a toy on my clit. I am almost cumming on his cock when he turns the fucking thing off… I cry out “Prick” but he just laughs… Fuck you Noodle… I actually say his real name, which I never do with a guy, I never say their name… He starts going again & I am almost cumming when he stop again… What a fucking jerk… I call him more names while he just chuckles… Finally I start begging him to let me cum & this time he does, the build has been so intense that I am cumming on his cock so hard, arching my back & eyes going blurry. I am so sated after that, that I don’t know how I keep going & cum again right before he does – but I do!

We’re texting the rest of the day (of course) & he says that he’s about to finish work, I am home so I suggest that he comes over for a afternoon delight, even though we fucked for hours this morning, I find that that more I get sex, the more I want it… I want it daily… He says that he can’t & he should go home & I can’t help but hide my disappointment, I mean I guess this guy can’t just fuck me whenever I want, he does have a family, with a phone tracking partner… So I write it off, hating that I even asked him because I don’t ever ask him to come see me, I generally wait for him to be free.

Sitting on the couch, waiting for him to respond & feeling like an idiot, I hear a car pull up in my driveway, I am tempted to look, but I don’t want to be disappointed that it’s not Noodle & just a mail man or a neighbour, but before I even get to the window, there’s a knock at my door, I open it & Noodle is standing there… Before I even register I say, “What are you doing here?” as I open the door, which is stupid because I just asked him to come, he grabs me as he says “This” kissing me & walking me backwards into my bedroom, we’re naked & fucking within less than a minute of him being in my house… Jesus this man is just as taken with me as I am with him! We fuck, connecting so quickly with such passion that I think that no one else in the world has the chemistry we have, no one else has ever fucked like this… He later tells me that he thinks this was the most risky fuck we’ve ever had, I don’t really agree, since we’ve fucked in his work before… But he seems to think so, but his partner is at work, so I’m not sure why he thinks that. However, it was so amazing, I don’t even care!

Noodle communication

A few days later on Friday morning, Noodle is sneaking into my bed at 6:00 am again, I ask him when he has to be at work but he tells me that he’s already been to the store, unlocked it & come to my house, so he can leave when I need to go to work. Hmmm… This is a new thing… If his work finds out, he’s fucked! The following Monday he does the same, sneaking into my bed, he’s doing this so much now that I am leaving my keys under the mat the night before in the hopes that he would rock up & genuinely wake me up for sex. I am already awake sort of when he does get into bed with me at 6:00 am, he’s done the same again, gone to the store, unlocked it & come to mine… We have sex usually him on top & pinning me down because that what’s gets me going pretty quickly, since we only have a short time together & he likes to see me struggle. We’ve both become more vocal during sex, this is probably the first time I have been ok with chatting to a guy while fucking, telling him what I want & asking him to do things or begging him to make me cum.

When I first embarked on this kinky journey, I have watched enough porn to know that I would absolutely never be ok with a guy slapping me across the face or degrading me by calling me names like ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’ nor would they ever force me to suck their cock… Well it turns out that I love being made to suck Noodle’s cock, that it turns me on A LOT. I also have found that I love when he calls me ‘His Slut’ – I still don’t like bitch but I do like it when he refers to me as his & the fact that he likes to call me slut. I know it’s not derogatory as if he’s calling me a name, but it’s all part of the scene. I know he likes it & I grow to actually love it. I mean even when he calls me ‘His mistress’, I feel like there’s something naughty & hot about that… I know that I shouldn’t be enjoying this at all, but fuck it turns me on!

A few days later Noodle is sneaking into my house, this time I am up & waiting for him, I am naked this time, finally building up the courage being that he’s seen me naked so many times, in so many different positions, that I shouldn’t be self-conscious of my body with this man, he knows every inch of it, he’s touched every inch of it, he’s basically kissed every inch of it. He likes what he sees of course, I mean what guy wouldn’t like walking into their mistresses house to find them naked waiting for him? We fuck in the chair in my lounge room before I suck his cock while he video’s it… Why is videoing so hot? I hate seeing myself in the videos but I do enjoy how much he enjoys it!

I have been buying so many condoms, as you can imagine, we use several per session, so I tell him that we’re running low, knowing that I will pick some up this weekend when at the shops. I usually buy them online because the pack sizes are bigger & cheaper, but I need them right away.

On the Wednesday I’m off work again, (Am I ever at work? Hahaha! While he has more time, I have been taking some days off for other things but in the hopes that he would see me too… Which he does.) He rocks up at my house at 11:00 am with a packet of condoms, the correct brand & latex free ones that I buy – he has told me that he hasn’t used condoms in a while (Obviously) but these ones are really thin & they apparently don’t feel as shit as condoms used too… I am a bit excited that he’s paid attention to the condoms I use & taken the initiative to buy some! We fuck at my house for two hours, but again my favourite part is just laying with him afterwards & just chatting in person, cuddling each other. We’ve actually been lucky that we haven’t had that many miscommunications while chatting online & ghosted each other, because we don’t often get to talk face to face.

Later that day we’re still chatting of course & he says that everyone has left the store & he’s there by himself so he suggests that I come over to fuck him in the office again, I jump at the chance… When he tells me to bring a vibrator, I instantly get wet… I slip a condom or two in my pocket & head over to his store at 4:00 pm. There is no one in the back carpark, so I park next to his car & message him to tell him I am there & wait for him to pop out & get me. He takes me straight into a different office, telling me that this one is the only one that’s still got stuff in it & the one he’s using. He shuts the door, even though we’re the only ones here, I am still conscious that any manager could potentially rock up unannounced. This time we’re both naked & he’s fucking me facing him while sitting on the desk & using the vibrator on me over & over again, till I cum so many times I lose count, before pulling me up & turning me around roughly, grabbing my hands behind my back, I think what the fuck is he going to tie my hands with or will he just hold them – I didn’t bring rope or cuffs… He reaches in front of me for a computer cord, when I feel him using that to tie my hands behind my back, I moan with excitement & feel the excitement between my legs build. He fucks me from behind till I am cumming (As if that takes long with this guy). He’s not done so he sits down & with my hands still tied, I am fucking him, straddling him in the chair. He doesn’t cum, saying that he came this morning so finds it hard to cum again. He doesn’t seem to mind & it’s not the first time he hasn’t cum with me.

FUCK that was hot! I tell him later how impressed I was at his improvisation & he is proud that he did that… I know he’s not really that experienced with kink & he’s always worried about looking stupid with me, so I need to give him some reassurance too… That was seriously the best improvisation I’ve ever had…


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