Noodle #18

On Sunday morning Noodle is sneaking into my bed at 7:00 am after not having fucked me since Monday morning! I am horny as fuck & have missed seeing him, not only because I want to fuck him, but I do miss seeing him & having him touch me… I have missed his touch, his lips, his hands, even seeing his face. Not often does Noodle send me a face pic. Usually his dick or something random at his house, but I also want to touch him, feel his skin under my touch too… I miss that! But most of all, I hate that my vagina thinks for me with him, I want to be angry & ignore him… But I am so wet that he slides into me slowly but sweetly & I am cumming so fucking easily… This is just ridiculous! I hate that I have become this person, that I am so easily turned on by him that I can’t stay angry at him… FUCK… I wonder if it’d be like this if we were a couple! No, I must not think like that!

On Tuesday night, we’re back to our usual evening fuck! He is working at a store close by but is working later than usual so he comes to my house later. I am able to keep going to the gym then shower & wait for him. He comes over; I am in bed waiting for him, with the door unlocked. I can’t wait for him to fuck me again. We are kissing so hard as he just fucks me missionary style, seems boring, but fucks me he was hitting all the right places with me… I feel like I am going to cum the whole time, his cock gets me going so easily, I didn’t even know that it could ever feel like this… I feel like I’m going to explode. As he’s fucking me, he sucks my nipples hard or kisses me so deeply, almost so I can’t breathe, this feels so good tonight, why is he able to keep me on the edge by fucking me without cumming? Noodle is literally is the best sex I’ve ever had, even Boyfriend. I don’t look away or close my eyes when he looks at me anymore, we actually look at each other, he used to not look at me either, he’d look away when I look at him & I’d look away when he looks at me – we’re so fucking weird, but maybe it’s a way of protecting ourselves. But now our eyes lock, I look at him & he looks at me, I can see deep in his eyes & I know he can see what I’m thinking on my face, I have no poker face, I have a very expressive face. I feel so vulnerable in this moments when this happens but I can’t help but feel so close to him, I don’t know what this feeling is, I’ve never had it before. What does this mean? Does it mean anything? Or if it just that we’re comfortable with each other? When he breaks eye contact, he keeps fucking me, but then works his mouth all the way down to my nipples to suck them hard, while my arms are pinned above my head (seriously my favourite move), I try to move up the bed to get away from this sweet torture, but I am cumming so loudly, without warning & for a long time that I don’t think it’s ever going to stop! Afterwards he chuckles like a douche, so super proud of himself that he’s made me cum, especially without much clit stimulation, that I tell him to shut up, but he just chuckles more & runs his hands all over me as we lay there. I’m not a huggy person, but fuck I am wrapped around him, it’s not often we get to hug after sex, usually he’s jumping up to leave, but I cherish the times we get to cuddle afterwards. After sex like that – where we connected, I really need to cuddle & almost don’t want to break the spell.

This week has been shit, Noodle did an update on his iPhone, which caused him to not be able to fake his location anymore – this means it’ll be harder to see him, so he’s not been able too on his days off. It’s almost like Apple doesn’t support cheating?! Hahaha… I mean I don’t, this is fucked. I would die if someone cheated on me, but I can’t stop this! We’ve had some great text sex, sent videos & pictures but I hate that he can’t see me because he is tracked on his mobile. So it’s almost a week later, before Noodle is seeing me again, it’s Monday Morning, he’s had the weekend off… The virtual play has been fun, but I want him so badly. We seem to only fuck at my house… For obvious reasons we can’t fuck at his, but I do wonder what his house looks like. From pictures he sends of himself in the mirror or of his kitchen, I can tell he’s not a tidy person & assuming his family isn’t either. I can tell we’re very different people, but also very similar. I come from a family of hoarders, so I am completely the opposite, I live in a house with hardly any nick nacks, with not a lot of furniture. I know he’s a bit of a hoarder, he’s told me that, I reckon he’d have furniture in against every wall with shit all over it, book shelves with books, CD’s & DVD’s that no one uses anymore. But I can just imagine it. I wonder if I’ll ever get to see his house? Ooooh, that’s not a good idea… Why am I thinking that?! Why do I keep thinking these things.

So this changes things a little. I am thinking Noodle won’t be able to see me much now that he can’t fake his location. I’m also thinking he’ll back off here too, this is a perfect opportunity to get out of this… I have tried in my head, a million times, to end it, I don’t know how too, I also don’t want too… Stupidly, I am too involved now, just like Jack Dawson on the Titanic, ‘You jump, I jump’ Fuck, this is not good! Hang on? Didn’t I say my heart was closed? I am not wanting anything but what all these men have to offer? How the fuck did I end up being monogamous to a guy in a relationship (who ironically isn’t monogamous to me!), with my walls rapidly coming down without me even realising?! FUCK.

But it doesn’t change anything, the next night, it’s our usual Tuesday night rendezvous & Noodle is on the way to my house. I don’t know what he does about his phone or what he does to hide where he is. I hope his partner never finds out that he’s at my house! Or where I live, can you imagine what will happen if she knew? This will never end well, why am I still seeing this guy? & seriously, I am not seeing anyone else – this is not wise, I’m barely talking other people because Noodle gets jealous about it – also fucking stupid. Why do I care that Noodle get jealous & why do I go to great lengths to make sure he isn’t jealous & boost his ego? Maybe because I know what he’s been through? Or am I falling for this guy? NO, my heart is closed, remember!Noodle Courage stupitity.pngI honestly never ask him what he does to fake his location, perhaps I should but I don’t. Sometimes he tells me but I don’t really care about the lengths he has to go to, to be with me, that’s his problem. So he’s at my house, I’m naked (what a surprise! Sorry to all of you picturing me naked all the time! Hahaha) We talk & kiss as I undress him, he’s told me that he likes when I undress him… I guess that’s something people miss as a couple, you don’t really undress each other, I remember with Boyfriend, we always had sex when we were already in bed, usually when I wanted it, I went to bed naked, so he knew & when Boyfriend wanted it, he’d just start rubbing my side, spooning me… I don’t really remember ever undressing Boyfriend to be honest, even in the beginning, so the fact that Noodle likes it, reminds me of things I need to do when I get a partner to keep the spark alive.

Noodle & I kiss the whole time I am undressing him, him rubbing my ass, always telling me I have a nice ass, he’s told me before it’s better than his partners & that he loves my ass (those squats are paying off!), well the poor woman has had a kid & is pregnant & doesn’t gym 3-4 times a week like I do, so I hope I’d have a better ass than her, even if I am 5 years older. We move to the bed, he goes down on me which is absolutely amazing & he knows what to do now, I don’t have to guide him at all… Then once he is inside me, I am on the edge, my legs are wrapped around him, my arms around his head pulling him close, I can’t seem to get him close enough, I can’t get him in me enough, I know he notices because the look on his face is him struggling not to cum, I am close but can’t seem to get there, I am too busy pulling him as close as I can to me. I am kissing him & holding on to him so tightly with everything I have that I can’t control myself, I cum really hard & he follows me quickly. It’s almost a relief for him.

Later he tells me “Your body reacted so well to missionary tonight.” I tell him that I have no idea why or what that was about, when he says “Your body was gripping me like a vice” I tell him that something was different tonight & that I couldn’t help but feel his pelvic area was hitting me in the right spot. I have no idea what happened, he doesn’t either… All I know is that it was fucking amazing! How does it keep getting better?!


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