Noodle #27

It’s been a few hours when I finally look at Noodle’s reply “Sorry but I have to actually do work at work. I do try & fit you in as much as I can. I’ve got a lot going on at the moment. I have missed fucking you this week tho” Fucking hell, I hate when guys trivialise your feelings by saying how much they’ve got going on. At least he says that he’s missed fucking me! But let’s look at this – I am currently working full time in a job that requires a lot of extra hours, I gym 3 to 4 times a week, drive an hour to & from work every day, travel for work with overnight stays & to top it off, I am now doing fucking jury duty! “I’m sure you could’ve if you really wanted too… Oh but you don’t fuck me in the mornings anymore. Forgot about that!” Noodle plays the game & takes hours to write back to me. God he’s a fuckwit. “I do but been starting early for work, should be able to pull back on that now tho. & I can fake my location in the mornings now. Just gotta get up super early cos work so far away.” So something new Noodle has worked out a way to fake his location again. He’s using an old iPhone, that he used to use & hasn’t had the recent update which stopped him from being able to fake his location on his phone, so he uses the old one to fake his location. He then turns off his location on his phone, switches over to the old phone & fakes to location… Oh my fucking god, this is as lot of effort! This guy is going to realise, I’m not worth it soon… (Fuck I need to work on my self-esteem!) This guy should be going to this effort because I am worth it…. FUCK… hahaha…

Another interesting thing that’s recently happens is that Noodle has told his PT about me… It’s the first & only person Noodle has told his secret too, he seems comfortable with him, which is good & I wonder if they’re becoming friends so he can use him as an alibi in the future? However when he’s late home, because he’s talking to the PT (probably about me) she apparently calls & texts him to find out where he is. I couldn’t imagine living like that, constantly needing to know where my partner is. & it makes me wonder, is this normal? Anyway, I am secretly smug that Noodle has finally let it slip to someone he knows that he’s having an affair. He needs someone to talk to about this, I want him to talk to someone about this, because someone needs to knock some sense into us, either be together or end it…

The next Tuesday night that I see Noodle, I don’t have to pick him up because of the old iPhone faking his location. But he still only stays at my house an hour, telling me that he drives all the way back to his store to change his location back then drives home… What a waste of fucking time, time that he could be fucking me (if you got the double meaning there! Hahaha.) He showers at my house as its become his usual thing, he leave my house kissing me goodbye & then messages me later with all capitals FUCK.” I’m like what happened? He tells me that his partner asked why his hair was wet… Well why did he wet his hair in my shower to start with & why isn’t it dry with the drive? I ask what he told her & he just told her that he was sweaty. She didn’t suspect anything, it is the end of November so it is hot, so the sweat is a viable lie. She buys it & he’s in the clear. OMG, this is getting more & more risky every day! It almost makes me wonder sometimes when she finds out, how will that go down? Will she find us together or will she find my pictures om his phone? Will she leave him? What will happen?

Noodle is always up before me, especially now, he doesn’t message me first almost every like he used too. I know we have the agreement to take turns & we did but then we evolved to just whoever was up first would message. But Noodle has gone back to taking it in turns, I wonder if this is a thing Noodle is doing to test me, to see if I am interested in him (because remember that’s why he doesn’t message people first) or is he genuinely busy at work & with family or is he doing the guy thing – acting distant before they ghost you.

So I say good morning & “I miss your cock fucking me awake in the mornings” He takes 20 minutes to reply, I know he’s already at work. “It does like fucking you in the mornings” I am a bit sassy this morning “Oh does it? Could’ve fooled me… Hasn’t happened for like 8 weeks!” I await his reply, knowing it’ll be something about being so busy & I will get so angry! I know… “A lot of stuff going on at work lately! Doesn’t mean I don’t miss your tight wet cunt in the mornings!” that’s all we speak, then I don’t get a message from him till the Saturday afternoon at 3:30 pm that says “Morning, Busy ass morning. Bros bucks day today… was at the gun range at 10am haha” I refuse to write back. I mean he’s a fucking wanker. He could’ve messaged me a million times before 10:00 am, in the shower, on the toilet, while making breakfast, before he got to the gun range. He used to make so much time to message me, even sometimes when he was sitting next to her on the couch, he’d risk messaging me. At 10:20 pm, I write to him “Morning” & I don’t get a reply, I put my phone down & refuse to look at it. The next day, I’m outside painting my roller door, it’s a pain in the ass to paint metal with a paint brush & at 9:00 am, he replies asking why I said morning at 10:00 pm at night. I just say “I had a super busy day. No time to message” he tries to make a joke that I always say “Oh that old chestnut.” I am fuming so I say “I’m painting so I’ll talk to you when I’m not busy. See I can do 2 things ar once. But since you are so busy, I will let you get back to your busy schedule” I put my phone in my pocket & paint. What fucks me off, is that I am not like this at all, I can message him while I’m painting, I know she’s asleep & he has time, but fuck him. I am not going to make an effort anymore. He says “Hmmm, have fun paining, I guess….” I don’t read it for ages.

Noodle sleeps sadness.png

At 11:00 pm that night, he hasn’t come back online, again & I snap “What is going on with you Noodle? And if you say the word ‘busy’ I will rip your beard off hair by hair with tweezers. This week you’ve come back online twice… Only twice after your partner has gone to bed. What am I supposed to make of that, you say you don’t want this to end but you’ve changed the game & I am certainly not hanging around for you to formally ghost me, so just tell me now.” I don’t sleep a wink all night waiting for him to come back online & reply, but he doesn’t. at 7:30 am the next day I finally get a reply. “I’m not planning on ghosting you, was just tired as fuck from sat night. I do wanna come back online more. I’ve only gone to the gym twice in the last week (PT only) so that’s how busy I’ve been. You got your tweezers ready?” It’s now or never, I have to get it out, I can’t have this conversation face to face because I never see him, this isn’t ideal “Well you’re making me feel invisible & insignificant. I can’t go on like this Noodle, I’ve had like 3 hrs sleep cos I can’t stop thinking about it. The thing upsetting me the most is that I had things to tell you this weekend, that I was excited about & I realised that you don’t even consider our friendship like I do.” I don’t think he knows what to say to that “Well I could of chatted more on Sunday but you gave me the vibe you didn’t want to chat so I backed off” Fucking hell, men are so stupid. “Because I was busy painting! When you’re busy I don’t even get a message at all!!!! But I’m supposed to drop everything when you’re free?!” Why am I bothering? He doesn’t get it, he never gets it. “No you can be busy, just saying if you wanted to chat on the weekend, we had a chance. Your not gonna believe me probably but I do value our friendship” Nope, I don’t believe that at all. “Yeah right now, I don’t believe that for a second. I used too… & your basically saying it’s my fault we haven’t chatted all weekend, because the 1 time you were free I didn’t chat… Bullshit. You haven’t talked to me all week… & 1 of the 2 nights you did come back online, you took over 10 minutes to reply to each message. I’m not making this up” This isn’t in my fucking head… “Not saying it’s your fault, just saying there was an opportunity. & I’ve had a lot of work to take home this week. I still reply” Yeah I guess he does, but I take work home & still reply, I snap (yet again!) “Do you want me to see other people?” I expect the response to be ‘part of the deal’ or ‘I’ll live’ but he says “If you need too, that’s up to you” That’s not what I asked to which he replies “No I don’t but that shouldn’t matter either way to you or me” Well at least I know that he still wants me “No it doesn’t. I’ll do what I want but I needed something from you… At least to know that’s not your game here… Piss me off so I leave you cos you’re feeling guilty. Or some fucked up Noodle bullshit…” Noodle tried to lighten the mood, which I appreciate because I hate feeling like this “I have more fucked up thoughts about you. They involve cum on your tits… ass… face. No I don’t want to piss you off” I tell him that I came last night & twice this morning with a new fantasy but refused to tell him what it was as I plan to do it when I see him, but I assume not Tuesday night “Ahh yeah about tomorrow I’m working the morning now so yeah won’t be available tomorrow night. My other manger is still on holiday & the guy I put on can’t do it. My week is fucked this week. Wanna sneak you in this morning towards the end of the week tho” OMG… “When were you planning on telling me? Or just wasn’t going to talk to me all day?” He says that he was going to tell me, but I highly doubt he would. I tell him that I’m a very simple creature all he has to do is fuck me regularly & he wouldn’t have any problems with me.

Things are back to our sort of normal, he’s chatting to me more regularly than he was, it’s either that his partner has stopped fucking him or my little meltdown reminded him how fragile this is & how easy it is for me to walk away (I wish that were true, then I wouldn’t be up to Noodle #27!) I am at jury duty & we get told that we have a long break, I tell Noodle this & he tells me to come see him at work for some lunchtime fun… In the middle of a week day, I think fuck yes & drive to his work. I pick him up & drive to the place we fucked before, it’s secluded & easy to find. We fuck quickly, both cumming & feeling satisfied before we both have to go back to work.

The next day, it’s December, Noodle finally says he’s going to come over & fuck me in the morning, I have missed this so much! I leave a key under my mat for him & wait for him to come over. We’ve talked about Noodle having a key for my house, I had given Max a key at one point for an intruder type fantasy, but Max never used the key. The key Max had is always used for my house sitter & I didn’t want Noodle to have the key someone else had, so a week ago – pre empting this exchange, I went to have keys cut – keys cut for him. Stupidly because green is my favourite colour, I get the keys cut in green keys. These will stand out if Noodle takes them, which I didn’t think about till afterwards. But when I tell Noodle to keep them he says he has a million keys & she won’t notice. Well, I hope not!

Noodle fucks me in the morning, sneaking into my bed at 7:00 am. Afterwards I ask him if he kept my key & he says yes, I ask him if he’s going to use it for my intruder fantasy & he says yes. I don’t really think it’ll happen – I’m not sure when he’ll be able to surprise me to be honest, but we go into detail about how this this go down…


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