Noodle #41

Max is still hanging around & even posting things about me on the anonymous app. I’m pretty sure that Noodle is jealous of this because he acts like a complete child & posts back. Max writes that he’s missing me with a picture of a whip, I mean he had his chance with me & blew it. Noodle writes asking if anyone has met me off there as I’m wild in bed. Later Max posts again saying “Oh the things I would do to you if you messaged me” like really, this pissing contest on the anonymous app that we all know we use, is just fucking tiring. Noodle knows I love him, I’m pretty sure Max knows I love Noodle because Sweetie knows now, I had to tell someone.

Noodle asks why I haven’t told my best friend & I explain to him that she was cheated on & when I tried to talk to her about it in the beginning she got very upset with me. So I just lied & said I wasn’t seeing anyone special & never talked to her about it again.

I also went to my bosses wedding & fucking hell I wanted Noodle by my side – I hated being there, in love with someone who couldn’t come because no one knows about them. There was a blatant set up happening & Noodle just doesn’t get why it was so hard for me to reject this perfectly nice guy. “What am I gonna say, I’m in love with a married guy whose wife is days away from giving birth to their second child?!” What would I even say to these people, no one knows I’m even seeing someone! I have kept this one so quiet, which is unlike me, I usually tell everyone my whole life story (Hard to believe that huh! Hahaha) I just tell him that I’ve told basically no one about him because it also allows me to believe the fantasy that we we’ll one day have a life together. If I tell people about him they will tell me what an idiot I am, that he won’t leave his wife & that I need to move on, all things I know but it’s more realistic when it comes from someone else… “How cute you want me to go to your bosses wedding with you” Fuck off, as if I didn’t… “I want to guy I love to go to lots of places with me… that was just an example.” As if he doesn’t think I want him to go to things with me! I am desperate for him to attend events & functions with me. -If you didn’t notice, we also evolved from the love heart love thing. We now say love a bit more. Still not said I love you again but we can at least say the word. “Hahaha, Kinda nice of you to think of me that way tho” I scoff. “You don’t think of me that way cos you’ve already got someone to go to weddings with you. So you don’t get it” He won’t understand how this feels for me, I mean I am always alone thinking of him, while he says he thinks about me when he’s not with me or chatting to me, he’s still got someone to spend time with. “Ummm… I wanted you to be at my side at my bros wedding… Thought about you a lot too… “ OMG! What the fuck… Did he? He avoids the conversation by saying goodnight with a cute emoji & calling me chicken wing. I say “Good night buttercup but this conversation isn’t over” I am not letting him out of that so easily.

Remember when I was in the Riverland, having just taken the morning after pill so I was crazy & Noodle has his brother’s wedding, I thought he was being nuts because his little brother was getting married to someone he didn’t like but now about 2 months later I find out that Noodle wanted me at his brothers wedding, by his side. He fought with his partner probably because she noticed he was being a weirdo, I noticed over texts so imagine what she got. I remember him being distant & not chatting to me, that I thought he was avoiding me. “Definitely wasn’t avoiding you. I really wanted to chat to you that night but you were busy. Made me heaps sad. Had a lot of emotional shit going on.” OMG, because I was out that night, he didn’t message me! He’s a fucking idiot! What is wrong with him!!! “Oh cos you won’t chat to me if you know I’m out… Even though you should & I’ll reply when I can” If only we messaged that weekend, would things be different? He actually tells me that he was ready to leave her that weekend, but I was out & then I was away & was part of the reason why he wanted the hug when I got back but by then it had all blown over with her & so while he wanted to see me, he knew he wasn’t going to leave her. OMG. I hate that I travel for work. I resent the fact that it has potentially ruined my chance of being with Noodle.

Stupid but that isn’t the reason why we aren’t together. I know that if I was there in Adelaide, things probably would be the same, but I can’t help but think what if. & I hate that… What if I was here & he was willing to leave her… Would she let him go so easily? I highly doubt it otherwise she would’ve ended it with him already. FUCK… I hate the what if crap. I hate it & I hate travelling for work! FUCKING HELL.

I am off work this week still, on Thursday Noodle is getting his hair cut at a barber near my house & close to his old work, which apparently can take up to 3 hours, as you can’t make an appointment & the barber is slow. But Noodle gets there early, gets his hair done & is messaging to come get him so we can go back to my place. He needs to be picked up as he can’t fake his location anymore, so he has to leave his phone & car at the barber.

I get stuck in some traffic & he asks when I am & if I’m coming, I can’t reply & as I’m about 6 seconds away I don’t bother, I read it but don’t respond. He then messages instantly saying ‘Please tell me you’re coming’. I have a cheesy grin when I pull up realising that he’s disappointed I might not be coming. I pull up & I see the relief on his face, he kisses me hello & I giggle at the fact that he was worried I wasn’t coming to get him!

I’m wearing a sexy new Honey Birdette purchase, but when we get back to my place he pushes me against my table, running his hand up my dress when he realises I’m wearing something possibly sexy underneath, he asks what I’m wearing while pulling my dress off over my head. I love watching his eyes pop out his head when he sees me in something I bought for him. It’s a hot day & he leaves it on, we fuck hot & heavy, it’s super warm & know my hair is frizzy but I ask him to video some, so in front of the mirror, I get on my knees while he videos me sucking his cock. He doesn’t cum, which is not usual for him to be honest. I drop him back to his car & he kisses me goodbye.

Noodle gets banned again on the chat app & I tell him that if his account is deleted again, that he must change his user name to Noodle Heart #IBD4U, he says what will people think, surprises me that he cares what people think “No I don’t. I love you & don’t care what anyone on here thinks” Jesus, he’s never said it like that before… I say that to him & he tries to back track however, I just laugh & secretly love the fact he does love me & is not willing to say it. However I kind of snap a lot now, I mean we’re having a great convo he’s saying “Your kinda cute & fun to be around tho” but I am in a mood “Just not enough… I know. Story if my life.” I am fucking stupid, I am angry all the time now. “OMG it’s not that. You know my reasons. I’d wife you in a heartbeat if I could.” FUCK what?! Does he mean that? Actually do you know what, this guy could wife me but he choosing not too… I’m still Miss Snappy McSnappyson & can’t help it. He tells me not to overthink things, but surely this guy knows I’m a fucking overthinker & he’s just told me essentially that he wants to marry me! He’s been saying he’ll let me walk away if I found someone else & that I should find someone else, that I get angry at him for saying that but he says “You think I’d just let you walk away? I’m in way too deep emotionally for that now” I don’t believe him, I think he wouldn’t fight for me. He doesn’t even fight for the woman he has. I don’t think this man is strong enough for me. I don’t think he’s strong enough for her. So why can’t I walk away, I could walk away & be happy with someone else, I’m sure… Everyone always says that I’m amazing, but why can’t I?

052816 (3).png

One night he actually comes back online & says that he doesn’t think she is going to bed anytime soon “She sleeps all day, she stays up late grrr… & I miss you… When she does like last night” I can’t help but swoon, but really, thinking about this, this is fucked! He says he loves me & logs off. Stupidly I am awake when he comes back online & we chat more. Why am I always available for this fucking idiot!?

I see him Monday night at his gym late at night, I have to stay awake to drive there at 11:00 pm. He’s off work being she’s got something wrong with her (I never really ask what, but some kind of pelvic pain & she can’t get dressed by herself – the image of him dressing her actually kills me.) & on bed rest & I am on some leave for study purposes, however all I seem to be doing is going to the gym & chatting to him! This night though, I wear my favorite green panties that he is going to take with him. This is something we’ve talked about, he wants to have a pair of my panties & I want him to have them… Look I won’t lie, in the back of my mind, I secretly want him to have them because I think that this will speed things up with his partner finding out & part of the reason why I wanted him to have them. I also can’t help but wonder if he wants to get caught? He’s too chicken to leave her, but if she leaves him, he can play the woe is me card?! I don’t know… But he takes them anyway, I watch him stuff them in his gym short pockets & it turns me on a lot to head home with no panties. It’s also hot as fuck when a few days later, when Noodle sends me a video, he’s using them to jerk off, cumming all over their carpet! FUCK that’s hot…

I don’t see him again until Friday again at 11:00 pm at the gym. I am making all the effort now. I mean he messages me when he can, of course, which is a lot less being they’re both home, however he tries as hard as he can. But I don’t think he thinks about what he is saying sometimes, because he compares my gut to his gut, which his is bigger but in a different way to me I guess. So I snap & ask him to tone down the honesty “Ahhh Sorry. I find you incredibly hot & beautiful. I’m not that fat… just my gut… Which means your not that fat!” hahaha, god he’s a fucking idiot sometimes! He knows that calling me beautiful gets me every time. He says “Do you not see my eyes when I see you in some sexy ass lingerie. Only one word to describe you. Beautiful” OH FUCK.

On Sunday during the day he says his partner is asleep & I suggest that he download an app that controls my vibrator, he does & we have some virtual play, we can chat & watch on video as he controls it. It’s actually a lot of fun! But of course, half way though the session, yes I’d already cum, but he disappears & I lay there waiting for ages for him to come back online. This reminds me of Dom & how when he’s done he just logs off & disappears. However when he comes back online he says that his son was hovering around & he had to log off. I mean I get it but fuck it’s annoying! Why am I doing this? Later that night I meet him at the gym, because my vagina is angry & in need of some hate sex. Which Noodle obliges as always, fucking me hard, pulling my hair, spanking my ass, fucking my ass & then cumming on my tits. OMG this drug is toxic… Just one more hit… Please!


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