Play Party Guy

The second of the three men I encountered at the Play Party, found me on the chat app & talked to me every day, basically just asking me to hook up with him again. I kept kind of ignoring him for a few hours, trying not to be so available as I’ve been told I am but when I go to write back to him, I realise that he’s deleted his account. Rightio. Fucking idiot!

I go to CheeseFest the next weekend with some friends only to see him standing at the next stall. I turn away & tell my friend that he was one of the guys from the play party. I turn away trying to not let him see me, but I saw as we walked past that he tapped his friend on the shoulder & pointed me out. We didn’t speak, I wasn’t that keen anyway, so what did it matter.

Now my name on FB is not my full real name (mainly because I know that Noodle’s partner will be trying to find me) & my profile picture is a cartoon but also so clients at work can’t find me, because they tend to use it as a way to contact me. I have a work mobile, email, desk phone & fax, they don’t need my personal FB page to contact me too.

Anyway, this guy finds me on FB & messages me to say he likes my profile picture. I ignore it. Later that night he creates a new chat app account & messages me on that saying he saw me at CheeseFest. I stupidly write back, but with Crows being a weirdo, I don’t have anyone else I’m fucking so maybe this could be something more than just a fuck buddy? I decide to “give him a go” OMG I can’t believe I even said that to myself.

I write back to him say that he should’ve said hello at Cheesefest, he said he didn’t want to embarrass me as he wasn’t sure if my friends knew about the play party or not, which one did & I told the other one later in the day so wouldn’t have mattered. But he still could’ve said hello if he wanted too… However he asked to see me that night, I said I was too tired (OMG there’s a sign I’m not keen… I was never too tired for Noodle – ever! Even at 5am!) & maybe could see him before I go away for work the following week.

He comes over Monday night as I am packing to go away for the week, we sit & chat for a bit before he says we’re sitting too far apart. Next minute we’re kissing & I’m sitting on his lap. He asks where the bedroom is & starts to get up, I try to get off his lap but he acts like he’s going to carry me. Hell no! hahaha. Why do men always try to carry me? I’ve had that happen a couple of times, even Noodle tried too once. I take him to the bedroom; we kiss & undress & fool around. We find a condom & he switches positions before I can even feel him. I start kissing his neck which he is quite vocal about how good that feels, so I keep doing it. He asks me to bite him & give him a hickey, so I suck hard, making sure it’s high up so he’ll have to explain it tomorrow. Hahaha… I don’t think I’ve ever given hickey before?

After we’re done, he lays around for a while just chatting & what not. I am keen for him to go, but find it hard to tell him too. When he leaves, I jump into bed & look at phone at the chat app, he’s left the group again, no worries, he has my details. But then I realise that he’s probably deleted his account completely again, so I check & he has! Complete delete… WTF?! He basically deleted his account completely in my driveway!

He creates a new account a few weeks later, messaging me & joining my groups while I ignore him. He deletes those I assume & creates another a week later messaging me. Trying one more time, he finds me on a dating site & likes my profile but I ignore him. Like seriously dude…!

Play pary guy boundries.png

A month or so later he is still deleting & creating new accounts, each one he messages me on. He even adds me on the online dating app I use for another short time. I ignore that too. By the time he gets to his 6th account, he writes ‘Hey #IBDFU, its Play party guy here, we met at the party & came to your place, how have you been?’ I am not going to reply, but he stays in my group, so I remove him from it, then he messages to ask why I removed him. I again decide that I am not going to write back but as I think about it over & over, I get angrier & angrier, so I decide to write back Are you actually kidding me? You basically delete your account in my driveway then you keep creating new ones to talk to me… You’re an actual fuckwit. As if I would ever go there again”. He reads it almost instantly but never responds… A friend thought it would get him thinking, but I doubt he is that capable of self-reflecting his behavior. I never hear from him again at all… I never even see him around the chat app again either to be honest. Unless he’s stopped using his name? I’m not sure & I don’t even care.

I consider contacting the guy who runs the play parties to ask him to let me know if this fuckboy is going to be at a party that I am at, however I just let it go – I’m not sure if I’ll ever go again to be honest. I’m pretty sure I could get him banned as single women are much more sought after for those parties than a single man. But I let it go. This is just another reason why I will never get over Noodle. If this is the type of guy out there, no wonder I got so caught up with Noodle… No relationship is perfect, Noodle treated me poorly but I miss what we had… I mean there were obviously other reasons I fell in love with Noodle, but this hurts like fucking hell being dicked around by awful men I am not even interested in!!


2 thoughts on “Play Party Guy”

  1. Yes, there are lots of horrible people in the world, and they congregate on dating apps. And you have met a lot of them (Noddle included – sorry). But please don’t give up hope. You read my latest piece on that – hope is what keeps us alive.

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