Mixed Bag #6 – Alcoholic, Planet & Fruit & Veg

Here is another mixed bag… Every time I sit down to write one of these, another 20 stories pop up in my head, not necessarily long enough for their own post, but part of the reason I am who I am. These are from many moons ago, close to 20 years ago… I fear that stories like this have shaped my low self esteem because here I am 20 years later & still single!

Anyway here they are.


This story goes back to about 1999 when I was just out of high school & turning 18. I used to go to a nightclub called The Planet on Pirie street, does anyone else remember it? It’s oddly still empty almost 20 years since it closed…

Anyway it was the first nightclub I ever got into underage, it was the place we went every Friday night. Other friends would meet us there, couples & friends of friends, I was always single, as you may know I didn’t get my first boyfriend until I was 22, so hanging out with couples all having sex, all being lovey at the nightclub bumping & grinding, I still hadn’t even had sex yet! I had barely even kissed a boy, I hadn’t kissed a boy that I like, only random people when drunk as fuck at a nightclub.

I was jealous, I was so jealous of all my friends with boyfriends, I will admit that & probably part of the reason I became bitter after my relationship with Boyfriend ended, because I was jealous that others got to get married & I was 25 & single again…

My friend was dating a dude we worked with so sometimes his friends outside of the work people would come out with us. This guy ‘Alcoholic’ came along, he was always trashed, even more than me, which is saying something. He was always so super drunk every weekend that it was disturbing that he didn’t ever get kicked out of places or was even let into places. But we’d end up kissing pretty much every time he was there, even if I was sober & driving but most of the time it was when we were both drunk!

I can’t remember what the deal is with this guys drinking, but he was always a terrible drunk, stumbling around the club & finding me. I always kissed him & we’d spend hours locked lipped at a nightclub.

But something snapped in him one day & he stopped drinking, cold turkey. However he still came out the nightclubs every weekend. We wouldn’t really kiss as much when he was sober but I remember one night that I was so drunk & vomiting in the club (yes, I was that chick!) when my best friend at the time got him to take me home. She came with us while I was begging for water unable to really talk, he stops at a service station to get me a bottle of water. He walks out with a bottle of Mt Franklin, probably the only type of water you could buy back then & my response was “I hate this water” then I basically drank none of it. My best friend woke up my sister & got me into bed & I am thankful that I had a ride home. However, I never really see this guy again, he drove me home & bought me water & I was rude about it… I mean I’m sure him kissing me all the times he was wasted & I was sober should counteract it. But we after this, we don’t see each other ever again & we don’t keep kissing…


Following on from that story, like I said we used to go to the planet every Friday night. I don’t even remember where I met this guy to be honest, but I do know that I never knew what he looked like. However he had my mobile number… This was also before text messaging was a real thing, they used to cost 25 cents each. Which seems like nothing now, but they added up fucking quickly! Think about how many texts you send now, if you send 100 in a month it adds up…

Now I hate speaking on the phone & tell every dude to text me, don’t call me! Hahaha. You all know that, you know that I hate it, I have a work mobile so the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone when I get home.

Anyway this guy & I would chat for hours, we’d talk about all sorts of crap. We tried to meet a few times but it never panned out. This is also before the time when it wasn’t illegal to talk on your phone while driving, he called me while I was driving with friends, I was so caught up in the conversation I didn’t notice anything happening beside my friend saying “Red, Red, Red” then shouting “Red” when I realised that I just drove through a red light! Fucking hell… Now it wasn’t the holding the phone to my ear that was the problem, it’s actually the conversation. So I now refuse to have work conversations while driving in the car, even via Bluetooth!

I had many Nina Proudman (TV show Offspring) type fantasies about how I would meet this guy… I always imagined that he would be the one who said how gorgeous I was, which would be for the first time back then… That he would look me in the eyes, that he would kiss me, that we would be as compatible in real life as he have been via the phone. This was probably the first time that I really dreamed I would have a boyfriend…

I remember telling him about a example of how we’d meet, he’d be in the line-up at the planet nightclub with his friends, I’d be walking with my friends on the phone to him trying to find him, but there are crowds of people everywhere, so I ask him to jump to find me, he & all his friends start jumping but then he somehow comes to the front of the crowd like in a movie & he’s standing there with a rose for me, I walk up & it’s love at first sight, we kiss while our friends cheer! -OHHH EMMM GEE… I think I’ve had one too many romantic comedies…

But of course you know my story doesn’t end up like that, I never meet this guy, I don’t even remember what happened with him. I wish I could find my diary I used to keep back then, I would totally post it just to remember what the fuck happened!

Mixed back serious relationships or drunk.png

Fruit & Veg

Back at this time, I was partying every weekend, does anyone also remember Zanzibar at Marion? OMG that place was the place to be on a Saturday night & that’s where I always was. Everyone from my work would be there on a Saturday night, in fact there are nights that I went down there with one group of friends & come home with someone else. Or I’d even go down with no one but find people to hang out with.

One night I’m there with friends, I don’t know what happens to them but I end up being there with the guy from fruit & veg. I know that I am not into this guy at all, he’s older & not physically attractive to me, but also I know that one of my close friends is infatuated with him. However we end up in a taxi together, he lives in the suburb I actually live in now, which is past the suburb I lived in when I was living with my parents, so I’m not sure why we went back to his house, especially since he still lived with his mum.

I remember his house very well, it’s was where nick nacks went to die… They were everywhere… This house was tidy but it was also somehow a mess. It’s a typical grandma style house.

At this point in my life, I don’t think I had ever had sex & I certainly didn’t want this guy to be my first so I tell him that I don’t want to do anything with him, I don’t even kiss him to be honest. This is the first time I’ve ever slept over a guys house too… I hate that this is the first guy that I have done that with… Why am I climbing into his bed?!

We do cuddle in bed, but I get too hot & barely sleep. I get him to drop me home in the morning thinking about what my friend will think, thinking about how things will be Monday at work? He’ the quiet type so I don’t think anyone ever knew. It was a bit awkward at work but it wasn’t long after that that he left for another store.

So there you have it, another mixed bag. Definitely not the last. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I can tell you that I am surprised how much I remember about this time in my life, I was pretty much drunk for about 5 years straight! hahaha.


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